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Via delle Querce, 16
46019 Viadana, MN
Phone: +39 0375 780798
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Ariston Cleaning Solutions Srl
ARISTON has 70 years experience with the family-run business now led by the second generation. In the beginning, production was limited to carefully crafted brooms of sorghum and natural fibers.  Progress in the production processes increased its technological content, leading to a vast range of over 150 highly functional products. ARISTON currently uses sophisticated electronic systems for its production allowing constant control over the quality of the product in the various manufacturing phases. An annual production of 10,000,000 pieces of which 80% is exported to 50 countries throughout the world, is a definite guarantee of international quality. 

The massive investments planned by ARISTON for the coming years sets the goal to further increase the range of products, in compliance with the consolidated quality. In order to better meet the needs of an international clientele and distinguish its production, the new brand name "ARICASA" was introduced for all items produced by ARISTON at the beginning of 1998. The ambitious goals the company has set for the future will be achieved by the opening of the new warehouse and offices on an industrial area of 7,000 square meters. The new plant opened in September of 1999.