Company Profile

Via R. Tamma, Z.I.
71042 Cerignola, Foggia
Phone: +39 0885 413638
Fax: +39 0885 415232
Foggia IT
Products Vegetables, Canned Vegetables, Jarred Vegetables, Marinated Vegetables, Antipasto Vegetables, Legumes
Cannone Industria Alimentare Srl
Cannone s.r.l. Enterprise transforms and markets typical products from the Puglia region, by using local home-made and handicraft tradition while adopting modern methods of working.

Raw materials are carefully selected and strictly controlled in our company’s laboratories for the production of quality goods. The final product is packaged using highly technological plants that insure optimal preservation.

The store’s management is such that enables a fast and rational product turn around that warrants the most freshness.


Canned Vegetables

Jarred Vegetables

Marinated Vegetables

Antipasto Vegetables