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Carpineto Snc
Founded in 1967, Carpineto has developed an award winning, international reputation for consistently elegant wines of matchless intensity and extract. Farming 424 hectares of land spread over four estates among Tuscany’s most prestigious appellations the wines of Carpineto include: Dogajolo, Chianti Classico, Vino Nobile, Farnito (“Super-Tuscan”) and the Appodiati Single Vineyard Collection. 

Red Wine

In the beautiful olive and cypress-studded countryside between Florence and Siena lay the quaint hilltop villages of the Chianti Classico region. The wine of the same name is produced exclusively in this charming and beautiful area.
Grapes: Sangiovese 90%, Canaiolo 10%.
Vinification: maceration of the skins in the must and fermentation at controlled low temperature.
Aging: after the final blend is assembled, the wine is aged for six months or longer in oak casks. 
Finishing: the wine is bottle during the second year, then bottle aged in our temperature controlled cellars for 4/6 months before release. 
Color: ruby red, garnet reflections on aging.
Bouquet: intense with hints of violets, berries and cherries.
Flavor: velvety, well-rounded, full bodied and well balanced.
Alcohol: 12,50% by vol.
Serving temperature: 18-20°C, 64-68°F
Gastronomy: grilled red meats and game.

Red Wine

This exceptional red wine derives its name from the Renaissance town of Montepulciano, located in the province of Siena. The term "Nobile" seems to originate from the fact that in the past its production was reserved exclusively for the aristocratic, noble families of the town.
Grapes: Prugnolo Gentile clone R24 (Sangiovese Grosso) 90% and a local selection of Canaiolo Nero 10%. The vineyards are situated on South South-East slopes with excellent sun exposure.
Vinification: maceration of the skins with the must for 10-15 days at 25-30°C (77-86°F). The frequent pump-overs are accomplished using special pumps designed to move solid parts (skins and seeds) very gently.
Aging: aged two years in large 5,500 liter Slavonian oval oak barrels, with a small part in French oak barrels. The caves, that maintain a naturally constant temperature of 13°C (55°F) year round, are excavated into a hillside made of tufo stone (a volcanic rock) located just outside the town of Montepulciano.
Finishing: after bottling the wine is aged in our temperature controlled cellars for at least 12 months before release. In order to deliver the highest quality, Carpineto has chosen to age this wine one year longer than the 3 years required by appellation rules for a Riserva wine.
Color: brilliant ruby red with a tendency to garnet.
Bouquet: ethereal, extraordinarily elegant with hints of violets and wood.
Flavor: dry, harmonic, fruity and velvety, with an elegant texture and long finish.
Alcohol: 13% by volume.
Serving temperature: 20°C, 68°F, in a decanter.
Gastronomy: aged cheeses and game, especially wild boar.

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