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Casa alle Vacche (Azienda Agricola)
Casa alle Vacche is situated in the delightful hill landscape near San Gimignano with its perfectly aligned centuries-old arrangement of vineyards with olive groves and flourishing oaks, inhabited by the typical wildlife of the area.
The name of the Estate, Casa alle Vacche – a nineteenth century reference to the stalls used to house cows -, was chosen to evoke the productive features of our genealogy and, at the same time, to characterize the natural tendency towards uncomplicatedness and good humor, typical of our extended family.  For as long as can be remembered, each member of the Ciappi family has had a specific role, yet harmonized together in a sort of complementary rural arrangement and has dedicated our efforts to achieving the aim of conveying qualitative excellency to our noble products, to the genuine receptive nature of the farm: first and foremost to our wines and to the consequent activities, such as distribution and tasting, but also to offering extra-virgin olive oil and farmhouse holidays.

While it’s true that the activities of Casa alle Vacche are carried out in 20 hectares of vineyards with excellent exposure, 3 hectares of olive groves, 7 hectares of seed crops and 10 hectares of woodland; while its true that the cellars are equipped with the latest technological equipment, integrated with traditional winemaking tools; it’s also true that the simple listing of this information isn’t sufficient to properly illustrate the pursuit of the aim to achieve quality, our tenacity, our sights set on something which goes far beyond just observing the rules and regulations established by the Denomination of Origin. 

The personality, body and soul of our wines can be much better explained by verifying – in person if possible – their gradual and impassioned development, their distant origins: a “family” oriented concept of the vineyard; meticulous and selective care of the grapes; dedication to cultivation, conditioned by low yields, simply due to the decision to avoid using pesticides and other chemical substances; loving attention to every stage of the grape harvest and the winemaking process.

Red Wine

Cinabro Wine
Grape Variety: 100% Sangiovese in different clone qualities. 
Color: bright, deep garnet red
Bouquet: evident, expansive, complex and persistent with jam, vanilla, spicy and cocoa notes.
Flavors: dry, warm, austere, with great structure, a good tannic component and a persistently aromatic sensation.
Alcohol content: 13,5°
Serving temperature: 20/21° C.
Serving suggestions: barbecued red meats, game and mature cheese. We highly recommend serving with wild boar, T-bone steak. 

Red Wine

Grape Variety: Vernaccia di San Gimignano and other white grape varieties
Color: pale yellow with greenish hues
Bouquet: expansive, penetrating and reminiscent of ripe fruit with scents of almonds
Flavors: dry, harmonious with a pleasant freshness and a subtle, characteristic aftertaste of almonds.
Alcohol content: 12,5°
Serving temperature: 10/11° C.
Serving suggestions: hors d’oeuvres, white meats, soft cheeses, shellfish and fish in general, as well as some types typical Tuscan soup and fish soup in particular. We highly recommend serving with: Paranza fry-up and fine tagliatelli. 

Alcoholic Beverages


Dessert Wine