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Piazza Amendola 2
14100 Asti, Asti
Phone: +39.01413971
Fax: +39.0141598769
Asti IT
Products Sauces, Canned Vegetables, Sauces and Spreads
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    Alberto Bretti
    San Francisco
    California 94104,
    United States
    California US
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Saclà was founded in Asti, Piedmont, Northern Italy, more than 75 years ago. Today the company is still passionately run by the same family of food lovers dedicated to making authentic contemporary Italian Food. Saclà still uses only the finest selected ingrendients for making its made in Italy sauces and vegetable food preserves. The company makes its products with respect for the next generations: we have installed more than five thousand square meters of solar panels in the family's factory in Italy, producing enough power to run a complete production line.


Tomato based pasta sauces: Napoletana, Parmigiana, Arrabbiata, Puttanesca, Aglio Arrostito. 100 % Italian tomato, with Italian whole cherry tomatoes, all natural. Taste it like we do: 100g of sauce work well with 100g of pasta.


Basil Pesto, Sundried tomato Pesto, Chili Pesto. 100% Italian Basil, now available in an innovative top down bottle. Ready to use: stir into cooked pasta or risotto, spread on baked bread to make bruschetta or serve on cooked meatm fish or vegetables.


Alfredo White Pasta Sauce and Alfredo White Pasta Sauce with black summer truffle. Truly authentic Alfredo sauce made in Italy with Italian Grana Padano DOP and Pecorino Romano DOP.

Canned Vegetables

Oven Baked Tomatoes with Olives, Chili and Garlic. 100% Italian tomatoes, all natural. Delicious on bread and pizza, sautée with pasta, into saladsand for antipasti platter.

Sauces and Spreads

Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil, Black Olive Paté. 100% Italian tomato and basil,tasty Mediterranean olives. Bread becomes special with these authentic Italian spreads.