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Podere Scurtarola di Lorieri P.P.
Podere Scurtarola is located between the Mediterranean sea and the Apuan Alps Massa - Tuscany.

Loyalty to tradition and respect to nature: these are the principles on which our vineyard is based. The vocation of the hillside is a guarantee of the production. The characteristics of sole, constituted of quartz sandstone, fieldspars stocks, rocks and clay, a microclimate favored by the sea presence and the brilliant midday exposure of the vineyards making Podere Scurtarola excellent area for the production of our wines. For more than 150 years we have been producing wine from the vineyards of Candia Hills, using exclusive our own grape growing in our vineyards and working constantly to perfect the product.

The farm extends on a land of more than 6 hectares situated on hill, these are for antic tradition cultivated by terraces, held by dried walls and covered by woods of pine, heather, junipers and myrtle.

We offer the possibility to visit the farm, guiding through the vineyard or through the area of Candia Hills and agriturism of Podere Scurtarola can be booked all the year. We prepare interesting oenogastronomical events: the typical specialities will be accompanied by our wines. Booking obligatory.

White Wine

Vintage: 2003
Area: Apuan Hills, Massa – Tuscany
Grape: Vermentino 75 %, Albarola 10%, Trebbiano 10%, Malvasia 5 %
Winemaking: light squeezing, long fermentation in own yeast, short refining in oak tons
Alcohol: 12,5 % by vol.
Refining: 3 months in bottle
Organoleptic characteristics:
View: pale straw-yellow, good intensity, crystalline
Nose: notes of flower and fruit, peaches and apricots, good intensity and persistence
Mouth: great persistence gives body and intensity
Serving temperature: 10-12° C
Recommended with: vegetable soups and tartes, boiled and raw vegetable, first plates with Pesto or tomato, white meats, half-seasoned cheese, Lardo di Colonnata

Red Wine

Vintage: 2002
Area: Apuan Hills, Massa – Tuscany
Grape: Vermentino Nero 100 %
Winemaking: steeping in the peels for 16 days, completion of fermentation in oak kegs, refining for 12 months
Gradazione: 13 %
Refining: 8 months in bottle
Organoleptic characteristics:
View: ruby powerful red, crystalline
Nose: intense and persistent, fine with much fruit, flower note of jasmine, vanilla, fruits of the wood
Mouth: smooth, good rounded body with great persistence
Serving temperature: room temperature, max 24-28° C
Recommended with: red meat, wild boar, fresh and seasoned cheese,perfect for meditation

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