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Via Scarsellini 119 - 10° piano
16149 Genoa, Genova
Phone: + 39 010 646 73 52
Fax: + 39 010 46 94 678
Genova IT
Products Body Lotions, Toiletries, Cosmetic Products, Personal Care Products, Hair Gel, Oral Care Products
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UT Europe Srl

Presents in the mass market since the ‘80s, UT Europe Srl is an Italian company with its headquarter in Genoa.

Born as contractors, in 2012 we felt the need to invest in the production and during the time we became independent producers of all lines of personal care. The company combines the dynamism of the young industrial reality with the know-how of a strong partner.

Our company has recently invested in new machines, modern and well-advanced, in order to obtain the best results and being more and more competitive in the market. Our top level know-how allows us to realise projects for:

  • Body care
  • Face care
  • Hair care
  • Skin care
  • Cosmetics

The priorities of UT Europe’ R&D Dept. is to give a shape to customer’s ideas, producing customised products.

Body Lotions

Body Lotion 500 mL Sweet Almond Oil When the softness of body Lotion meets the gentleness of the sweet almond oil, born Body Lotion “Almond” for softer, supple and protected skin. It provides a deeper skin nourishment, whilst respecting the natural balance of skin. - Nourishing Body Cream 200- 250 ml Thanks to the combined action of panthenol and vitamin E, Nourishing Body Cream 250 mL moisturizes and nourishes the skin gently, leaving it soft and scented.


Protective and moisturizing, Nail and Hand Cream restores the natural balance of the skin and makes it visibly smoother and softer. In addition, when applied on the nails, nourishes and strengthens thoroughly. Non-greasy. Foot Gel is the ideal best friend of those who seek relief after a stressful and tiring day. The properties of camphor and eucalyptus stimulates the microcirculation of the feet and legs, creating a thermal effect, calming and relaxing.

Cosmetic Products

BB Cream is an 8 in 1 product. Its special formula hydrates 24h skin, makes glowing and uniform face skin, removes imperfections, protects from UV rays, tones, with an anti-oxidant action and replaces perfectly the classic foundation cream.


Moisturizing, Hydrating, Anti-Age, Night Cream, for sensitive or normal skin for satisfy every needs and requests. Different formulas use the best active principles such as coenzyme Q10, omega 3, vitamin A and vitamin E, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and hyaluronic acid.


It’s a natural and delicate make-up remover , especially designed for sensitive skin thanks to its formula alcohol, parabens and colorant free. Innovative in its category replace 4 different cosmetic products actions: removes make-up, cleanse, hydrates and tones face skin.

Personal Care Products

Thanks to the concentrated natural extracts of mallow and chamomile, intimate gel gently cleanses the skin, giving a feeling of freshness that lasts all day. Product rich in hypoallergenic, it is especially suitable for dry skin. It respects the pH of sensitive areas and perfectly covers all the needs of hygiene and daily intimate hygiene. - Detergente Intimo 300 ml - Liquid Soaps Hands 300 -500 ml • Milk& Honey, Olive& Milk, Orange, Orange&Cinnamon, Olive, Neutral, etc.. • Transparent PET or semitransparent PE • Pumps- varieties of colours • Refills with cap

Hair Gel

Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, it gives a touch ultra-bright thanks to the effect wet. Strong hold, the hair will maintain the shape and desired hairstyle throughout the day, resulting in soft to the touch.

Oral Care Products

Our Oral Hygiene Line is essential and suitable for all the family. Our products have been analyzed professionally by dental hygiene experts with a lot of success. Ergonomic handle, the efficiency of the bristles and the quality-price connection help our toothbrushes to be very competitive on the market. Together with dental floss, makes the Daily Touch Oral Care Line an irreplaceable dental coverage for an impeccable dental hygiene .

Personal Care Products

Results of constant research by our laboratories, UT Europe is pleased to announce the complete line of disposable razors for both Man and Woman. From 2 to 6 blades, Daily Touch Razors Line satisfies every needs.