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Hair Dyes
Founded in 1987 by a group of professionals of the hair-care industry, Itely Hairfashion, the brand produced by G.V.F – GIVIEFFE S.p.A, was born with the intent to present to the professional hair-care market high standard products that were able to combine Italian taste with a definite international vocation.
Gelato, Ice Cream, Sorbets
G7 S.r.l. is an italian family company based in Bologna (in the North of Italy) that produces high quality Gelato tubs. Since 1958, three generations have followed one another in the management of this modern and multi-certified company, committed to promoting the excellence of traditional Italian Gelato. Our Gelato is worldwide appreciated as we offer:
Pest Control
GEA has always believed in its ability to develop and sell winning products and, through the years, has gathered all the necessary “know-how” to be able to satisfy all market requests. 90% of GEA’s range is manufactured internally, this enables us to keep track of traceability, quality and product development.
Fresh Pasta, Pesto, Sauces and Spreads, Dried Pasta
The Ciccarese group operates efficiently and professionally in the Italian and foreign foods market. Its success is based on the constant attention to the market's demand and on its punctual and specialized organization, starting with the production of a wide range of quality articles, obtained thanks to continuous investments in technology and staff professionalism and ends on the Trade's shelf.
Frozen Gnocchi, Frozen Pasta Entrees, Frozen Vegetable Entrees, Frozen Specialties, Ready Made Meals, Vegetables, Prepared Entrees
The company started its activity in 1977 with the production of frozen crepes. Since the beginning of the nineties, GELIT frozen foods revolutionized the market with the introduction of “Stir-fry“ based on the I.Q.F. (Individually Quick Frozen) technology: the re-heating in the pan together with the new quick-freezing procedure significantly enhances the organoleptic quality of the products.
Bottled Juices
General Fruit S.r.l. is one of the market leader for the production of lemon juice in Italy. Its main market activity is focused on catering and HORECA in Italy and abroad. We produce under private label the most important and famous brands in the food service world. Our raw materials are selected from the source and constantly controlled in our laboratories to give our clients the best result and the constancy of the quality.
Grana Padano Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese
The history of the GENNARI family is that of three typical food products par excellence, worldly known for their genuineness and fragrance: Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano and Parma ham. Maturation and curing of these products have always been our speciality.
Disinfectants, First Aid Products, Household Products
Germo was founded in 1956 and since then has always been synonymous of disinfection and hygiene. Today Germo continues its daily battle against infective agents, with much more consolidated experience and a progressive research and development activity.
Corrugated cardboard packaging
Ghelfi Ondulati S.p.A. is a leader in the production of high quality corrugated cardboard packaging materials for the industrial and fruits and vegetables sectors. Our credentials include quality, originality and innovation. Ghelfi Ondulati was founded in 1952. It’s an indipendent and private company operating in carrugated packaging. It’s provided of an one’s equipment to produce corrugated cartonboard sheets.
Pasta, Gluten Free Products, Risotto, Organic Products, Kosher Products
The “Ghigi” plant was built in 1870 by an artisan baker, in a small village of Emilia Romagna, in Northern Italy. Overtime, after Barilla and De Cecco, it became the third largest pasta manufacturer in Italy. In 2008, after 137 years of business, the company was purchased by a consortium of 4200 farmers, who control the whole chain, from seed to the finished packet. The new plant was completed in June 2011, through an investment exceeding 50 million of euros.


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