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Organic Wine, Alcoholic Beverages, Organic Products, Wine, Red Wine, White Wine
L’Alegra is a young company, founded in the year 2000 with old agriculture traditions.  This is because the grandfather of the owner, Mr. Grassi, started at the beginning of this century to grow the vineyards, in this area not well known for the wines.  The total surface of the company is 47 hectars, of which 13 are planted as vineyards and the other lands with nut’s plants and zoo.technical breeding. All these activities has been certified as organic in the year 2003.
Vinaigrette, Condiments, Oil Other, Spices, Pasta, Pasta Sauces
La Collina Toscana was born of the tradition of two families which for generations have found in the products of the land and of the forest the passion for their everyday lives. The company was founded with the objective to research and develop the traditional flavours of Tuscan and Italian cooking and give an appropriate and innovative image to that which has evolved through the centuries.
Frozen Means, Frozen Ready Meals, Gnocchi , Pasta, Pasta Frozen Entrees, Ready Made Meals, Frozen Risotto
THE COMPANY Founded in 1999, believing that the market contemplated to many products under the image of Traditional Kitchen of Bologna but not representing it at all. The products from the area of Bologna are, in fact, universally known as synonymous of high quality cuisine.  Actually La Cucina di Bologna is considered as one of the most representative companies in terms of High Quality Products THE MISSION
Limoncello, Liquors, Syrups, Grappa, Liquor Gift Box
The Jolly company is an old liqueurs and syrups factory, operating in Naples since the early '90s Quality and tradition are always respected in every ingredient of the innumerable product, such as the Limoncello which is made with an infusion of top quality lemons in pure alchool and according to a centuries old family formula using only natural ingredients.
Frozen Desserts
La Donatella, a success story of an all-Italian company producing delicious pastries that has made quality its mission. The company was established in 1946 thanks to the experience of its founder, Giuseppe Marconato, who set up an artisan pastry shop. At the beginning of the 60s, as a result of Giuseppe’s business skills and determination, the shop gained a foothold in the market of Northeast Italy, in particular along the Venetian coastal area.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sauces, Pesto
Producers of pesto,sauces and extra virgin olive oil.
Rice Cakes, Organic Products, Organic Snacks, Rice Oil, Organic Rice, Risotto, Dry Mix Food, Rice, Snacks, Corn Flour
THE HISTORY The Azienda La Gallinella has for many generation been the property of the same family that directly manage and oversee the Azienda. Agriculture here is the fountain of life, tradition, pride and the constant involvement for excellence, the result of the profound tie with nature. THE EXPORTATION
Sparkling Wine, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine
Products: Wines including Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Prosecco.
Pasta, Fresh Pasta, Tortelloni, Gnocchi
The MEDITERRANEA GROUP is today the largest European producer of dried stuffed pasta. The Group, located in Matelica, in the very heart of Italy (60 km. from Ancona) is divided in two main divisions, of which one is dedicated to ambient/dry products, the second to fresh ranges and potato gnocchi.INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARE MEDITERRANEA Dry/extra dry filled pasta Ambient stable fresh pasta Soft dry filled pastaFRESCOGEL


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