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Frozen Ready Meals, Frozen Specialties, Frozen Food, Frozen Products, Frozen Meals
S.I.A. is Italy's leading private label frozen food producer of premium, Italian pasta and sauce meals, seafood specialities and finger food. Amazing restaurant-quality, convenient, on trend meals made with simple, real ingredients, that are ready to eat in minutes. S.I.A. opened a U.S. branch office in 2016 with products warehoused in the U.S. to better serve the U.S. market and support growth. S.I.A. has extensive private label experience supplying major Italian, European and U.S.
Personal Care Products, Diapers, Baby Personal Care, Napkins
S.I.L.C. S.P.A. has been operating since 1972 in the business of personal care products: incontinence products, feminine sanitary towels, baby diapers, wet wipes and cosmetics. All products are manufactured on our 24 technologically advanced converters located in Trescore Cremasco, covering an area of 60.000 m2. SILC is constantly growing with a yearly turnover of 82 million euros. Innovation and flexibility are the key words that best describe SILC's manufacturing capabilities.
White Wine, Sparkling Wine, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine, Rose Wine
Cantine Sacchetto is located in Veneto (North-East) where the provinces of Treviso, Padua and Venice meet and precisely in Trebaseleghe. Its wide range of wines from the Veneto and Friuli regions is appreciated in Italy and in the international market. The  winery was started in the early 1920s.
Paper Bags, Paper Products
Sacma S.p.A. is a lead company in food paper packaging. It has been established by Eligio Maestri in 1967 and it has been operating in Europe since 1980. The investments in new premises and in new equipment show how much Sacma S.p.A. cares for the production quality. The 15 production lines enable Sacma S.p.A. to satisfy the requirements coming from any client, offering a wide products range and reliable lead times for the orders preparation. SACMA PRODUCTION CAPACITY
Garbage Bags, Freezer Bags, Food Storage Bags, Household Products
SACME has been operating in the plastics market for over 25 years and has become a leader in its field in Europe. It has three major divisions: * marketing and distribution of plastic materials; * compounds and coloring of engineering plastics; * production of polyethylene bags for domestic use;
SAI-Sali srl is a modern industrial firm which holds the accumulated experience of three generations of a salt refining family. Thanks to its modern production lines which are technologically equipped with up-to-date machinery, SAI-Sali srl maintains the high standard of the natural product. We continually strive for efficiency in the supply of sea salt to our customers, that along with modern distribution demand have ensured a continual evolution in production and innovative packaging designs.
Private Label solutions for both supplements and functional food.
Deli Meats, Salami, Cured Meats
BALDO Srl was founded in 1958 with a craftsmanlike and multi-product imprint. In 1979 it launched itself on the European market with I 348L authorization and sanitary seal. In 1988 BALDO carried out a conversion plan by setting up a productive and organizational structure capable of meeting the needs of modern distribution while orientating itself to the production of quality salami.
Prosciutto, Salami, Cured Meats
Salumificio Fratelli Riva was born in Molteno , in the green Brianza, at the foothills of Lombardy Alps, in 1969. In 1996 Fratelli Riva begans to work in a new production plant, located always in Molteno, and in 2007 the plant was expanded again by adding a new area dedicated to the production of special cooked ham and other product destinated to be sliced. Cooked ham is the flagship of the company: principally traditional and high quality Italian cooked ham
Cured Meats, Deli Meats, Salami
The history of the SALUMIFICIO PIACENTI SRL in the art of TUSCAN CURED MEAT PRODUCTS began in 1957, founded on the sound principles of traditional meat curing. The company was started in Certaldo (FI), and in 1990 moved to the new San Gimignano (SI) plant organized in compliance with the EEC Regulations (Seal 718/L), thereby taking the lead over the other local cured meat producers in the sphere of sanitary hygiene.


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