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Bathroom Products, Household Products, Household Cleaners
Archimede R&D S.r.l. is involved in innovation and development on environmental-friendly chemistry. We develop and market new consumer eco-friendly products under the brand Dr Neu and for a private label. We design and produce innovative solutions for household cleaning and appliances maintenance.
Brooms, Brushes, Housewares
BRUNO BIAVATI started the production of brooms and brushes in 1950 as a small industry and, following the market trend, it kept growing steadily. In 1979 the company moved to its present location and enlarged its space to the current size of 2000 mq. In 1992, owing to the sudden death of the sole owner, Mr. Bruno Biavati, the company was changed from a Proprietorship into a Copartnership.
Brooms, Lint Removers, Clothespins, Dust Pans, Buckets, Bathroom Brushes
Founded in 1963, CSC is the 2nd Italian company established for the production of brooms, brushes, floor-brushes, plastic cloth pegs, and lint roll brushes. Our factory has a surface area of approximately 6000 m3 where manufacture 5 million units per year of brooms and brushes and 10 million units of lint roller brushes with 10 machines. These items are sold both under private label and our own brand names: CSC - I Prodotti di Marisa, TP – IDEE PER LA CASA AND MAXNOVA.
Mirrors, Hair Accessories, Bath Accessories, Toiletries, Brushes, Toothbrushes, Sponges, Combs
Giorgio Jäneke established the firm still today bearing his name in Milan in 1830. He was from Misselwarden, a village on the North Sea quite close to Hamburg, in the former Kingdom of Hannover.
Brooms, Brushes, Household Products
Our company has been operating since 1961 in the line of the cleaning household articles and it has been always distinguished for the high quality of its products as well as the quickness and punctuality of the deliveries.  To add to the exclusiveness of our patented inimitable models, the particular type of fiber that we use in some of our broom models, “ECOFIL”, is non-toxic due to the absence of PVC, it is heat resistant and it does not lose its shape when pressed.
Mascara Brushes, Dental Care, Toothbrushes, Oral Care Products
Founded in 1862, Ponzini S.p.A. can justly claim to be among the leading European manufacturers of brushes.   This achievement can be largely attributed to the Company’s high standards of technological know-how, consolidated experience and marketing skills. Over recent years, substantial investments have been made in the areas of research and development, implementation of the productive structure, quality control and human resources.  
Household Products, Bathroom Products
Production: Plastic houseware - Plastic bathroom products. In 1986 Remo Carnevalini founded Recaplast with the purpose of manufacturing very precise moulds and to mould plastic items.
Toothbrushes, Oral Care Products, Dental Floss
Spazzolificio Piave: Technological Solutions of Certified Quality Spazzolificio Piave, since 1970 under the creative guidance of Mrs. Isolina Zecchin, specializes exclusively in the manufacture of toothbrushes and oral hygiene products. This medium sized Italian company has vast resources and emits a host of oral care references of certified quality on the market, all of which characterised by their plucky design and proven functionality.
Cleaning Aids, Brushes, Household Cleaners
Producers of of plastic houseware, kitchen articles, gardening articles and cleaning articles.
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