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Pizza Dough, Pizza, Frozen Pizza , Pizza Bases, Focaccia, Breads
Our Company is located in Borgolavezzaro, in the heart of Novara lowlands where the ancient country traditions are handed down from father to son. In this land, rich of traditions, water springs, rice and wheat fields, the production of Pizza and pizza bases is carried out according to the typical traditional recipes.
Orecchiette, Pasta, Baked Products, Artisan Pasta, Specialty Pasta, Breads, Cakes, Sauces
Established in 1972, Antico Pastificio del Gargano produces typical and special dried artisan pasta, very similar to homemade pasta. It is situated in Apulia, near the sunny hills of Gargano (FG) where the best quality durum wheat grows. Our pasta is bronze-drawn so that it comes forth in all its typical roughness and guarantees a full flavor with every type of sauce. The pasta is then dried very slowly at a low temperature in order to maintain nutritious quality.
Breads, Baked Products
Founded in 1966, Arte Bianca is the Venetian Company specialized in high quality bread and was the first company to produce the famous “Venetian Tramezzino” bread industrially.
Mushrooms, Sauces, Jarred Vegetables, Breads, Pizza, Condiments
“Delikatesse” has been producing Italian food specialties using “homemade” methods since 1991, mainly based on truffles, porcini mushrooms, wild soft fruits and vegetables from our region (Campania – Southern Italy), all of them bought directly from the farmers.
Snacks, Breads, Taralli, Crackers, Bruschetta
We are manufactures of typical Italian bread based savory snacks and bread substitutes. Our special crispy bread and snacks are very light and tasty, perfect as a snack or to eat with ham or cheese or to be dipped in soups and salads. Products include: CRISPY BREAD SNACKS, FLAT BREADS, BREAD SUBSTITUTES, BREAD CROSTINI, BRUSCHETTE, TARALLINI, SPECIAL CRACKERS.
Breadsticks, Baked Products, Breads
GRISSIN BON of Reggio Emilia, started its activity as a bakery producer in the 50’s. Known, at that time, as “Grissineria Reggiana”, the company was launched and expanded above all because of the experience of the founder baker, Nevino Bernardelli, who planned the work of the small firm, using the secrets of the traditional handicraft production.
Breadsticks, Organic Breadsticks, Yeast Free Breadsticks, Artisan Breadsticks, Yeast Free Products
Grissinificio Europa is a family owned private company with a thirty years experience in the production of Italian bakery products. The company is based in Cuneo, near Alba (the cradle of the Slow Food movement) in the Northern Italian region Piemonte where the Grissini have been created.
Breadsticks, Breads, Baked Products
The Grissitalia group operates in the fresh bread and bread sobstitutes sector with a total production of approximately 49,000 tons per year, divided as follows: breadsticks, fresh bread, soft bread and long life bread. The quality standards production capacity, combined with the experience acquired in over 40 years of business, place the company in a leading position in the industrial bread-making sphere. 
Croissants, Breads
Production: Sliced bread, croissants.
Pizza, Frozen Pizza, Focaccia, Pizza Dough, Baked Products, Breads
Since 1966, La Pizza +1 has been producing in the north of Italy quality chilled pizzas and focaccias with premium ingredients (extra virgin olive oil only, 100% mozzarella,...) using the highest standards in the production process. Today we lead the Italian chilled pizza market and our products are present on  the shelves of the most important mass distribution chains, as well as in the kitchens of key Italian catering companies.


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