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Snacks, Chocolate Spreads, Cookies, Chocolates, Confectionary, Baked Products
The Gandola Group consists of two separate production units: A. GANDOLA & C. in Ponte San Marco (Brescia) Italy and GANDOLA BISCOTTI in Rudiano (Brescia) Italy. A.Gandola & C. of Ponte San Marco is known for its confectionery food-stuffs available in four different lines: • Cocoa, milk and hazelnuts spread creams; • Cocoa, milk and hazelnuts semi-solid creams; • Ready snacks; • Chocolate.
Family operated since 1946, we are an Italian modern artisan farm-to-bar producer of premium all natural chocolate. A global leader in organic cocoa processing (approximately 20% of global supply), we secure superior quality fermented cocoa beans (conventional and organic) for our production of cocoa liquor, butter, powder and finished chocolate through an exclusive Equal Partner Direct Buying program, in place in key origins since 1980.
Nuts, Chocolates, Dried Fruits, Snacks
Established in 1921 and family owned, Besana Group is today one of the most important company in Europe, for production, processing and marketing of nuts, dried fruit, seeds, snacks, Chocolate and value added ingredients. Besana Group is specialized in Private Labels, today a trusted supplier and partner of the Top European retailers, food service companies and food manufacturing groups.
Coffee Pods, Chocolates, Espresso Coffee, Confectionary
Since 1961 Coind has specialized in the production of Private Label coffee, and is today one of the major players in this market in Italy. With a turnover of over 60 million dollars, Coind is one of the top 8 Italian producers of “espresso” coffee, sold as whole beans, in pods and ground. Through its subsidiary “Attibassi”, it is also an important manufacturer of chocolates, specializing on higher quality products.
Chocolates, Frozen Specialties, Candies
Founded in 1914, DOLFIN started as a confectionery company. Today DOLFIN specialises in fruit freezer pops for the summer season, chocolate items for the Christmas season and Chocolate Easter eggs for the Easter season. The company is now considered a leader in Italy with with their "Polaretti" products, delicious ready to freeze ice pops with real fruit juice.
Confectionary, Torrone, Fruit Sauces, Sauces, Jams and Preserves, Cakes, Cookies, Pandoro, Panettone, Chocolate Spreads, Pesto, Antipasto Vegetables, Baked Products, Nougats, Chocolates
Mostarda of Cremona, nougat, nusterd based fruit and vegetables sauces for meat and cheese, vegetables preserves, pasta sauces.
Nougats, Nuts, Chocolates
Oliviero began its nougat production at the the beginning of the 20th century. Today nougat, widespread at first by country feasts, represents the main product in the Irpinia confectionery tradition.
Chocolate Pralines, Chocolates, Confectionary
Chocolate pralines, chocolate novelites, chocolate coins, chocolate sea shells and big range of confectionary boxes for every occasion.
Confectionary, Chocolates
Milk and white chocolate coins and medallions, chocolate pralines, chocolate for Xmas, Easter and Halloween, cherry and liquor pralines, liquid coffee pralines, solid and filled chocolate eggs and figures, gift boxes, chocolate rice bars. We are certified BRC Grade A, IFS Higher Level and ISO 9001:2008.
Candies, Chocolates
Production: Chocolate eggs, dragées, candies with vitamins, sugar free chocolate and candies. In 1913, on the eve of the World War 1, Luigi Zàini saw an opportunity to transform his research laboratory into a small factory producing chocolates, cocoa and candy products. He established Zàini S.p.A. at via De Cristoforis (Milan).


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