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Snacks, Chocolate Spreads, Cookies, Chocolates, Confectionary, Baked Products
The Gandola Group consists of two separate production units: A. GANDOLA & C. in Ponte San Marco (Brescia) Italy and GANDOLA BISCOTTI in Rudiano (Brescia) Italy. A.Gandola & C. of Ponte San Marco is known for its confectionery food-stuffs available in four different lines: • Cocoa, milk and hazelnuts spread creams; • Cocoa, milk and hazelnuts semi-solid creams; • Ready snacks; • Chocolate.
Baked Products, Organic Products, Confectionary, Cookies, Desserts, Organic Cookies, Cakes
BONOMI S.p.A. established its modern facility and initiated its extensive industrial production in 1970. However, the tradition of producing fine confectionary products dates back to the middle of the 19th century (1850) when the great grandfathers of the current owners opened their first bakery, making bread in the mountains of Verona.
Coffee Pods, Chocolates, Espresso Coffee, Confectionary
Since 1961 Coind has specialized in the production of Private Label coffee, and is today one of the major players in this market in Italy. With a turnover of over 60 million dollars, Coind is one of the top 8 Italian producers of “espresso” coffee, sold as whole beans, in pods and ground. Through its subsidiary “Attibassi”, it is also an important manufacturer of chocolates, specializing on higher quality products.
Confectionary, Torrone, Fruit Sauces, Sauces, Jams and Preserves, Cakes, Cookies, Pandoro, Panettone, Chocolate Spreads, Pesto, Antipasto Vegetables, Baked Products, Nougats, Chocolates
Mostarda of Cremona, nougat, nusterd based fruit and vegetables sauces for meat and cheese, vegetables preserves, pasta sauces.
Confectionary, Cakes
Started in 1949 as a pastry shop, Freddi Dolciaria becomes industry in 1968, expanding even more markets and products till to be nowadays one of the leading manufacturers of cakes in Europe, with a daily capacity of more than 150 tons. The Company is located in Castiglione Stiviere, in the North of Italy, between Milan and Venice, in the surroundings of Lake of Garda. The production is developed by four plants: • small cakes in 8 units pack (Dolcetto®, Ballerina)
Confectionary, Biscotti, Snacks, Amaretti, Baked Products, Cookies
Tuscan confectionery: almond Tuscan Cantuccini (biscotti), soft Tuscan Amaretti, Brutti e Buoni (crunchy almond cookies), Cantuccini with almonds, chocolate and cocoa, persipan Tuscan pastry, almond and candied fruit soft cakes, salty snacks for aperitif, individually wrapped products.
Chocolate Pralines, Chocolates, Confectionary
Chocolate pralines, chocolate novelites, chocolate coins, chocolate sea shells and big range of confectionary boxes for every occasion.
Cookies, Baked Products, Panettone, Holiday Cakes, Confectionary, Cookies Gift Sets
Industria Dolciaria Valentino S.r.l. took on its present corporate format in 1979 as a direct continuation of a family owned and operated company founded in 1952 at Isernia in the region of Molise. With the construction that a year of new plant at Pettoranello del Molise, Valentino passed from a craft operation to an industrial level, while continuing to produce Panettone and biscuits.
Confectionary, Chocolates
Milk and white chocolate coins and medallions, chocolate pralines, chocolate for Xmas, Easter and Halloween, cherry and liquor pralines, liquid coffee pralines, solid and filled chocolate eggs and figures, gift boxes, chocolate rice bars. We are certified BRC Grade A, IFS Higher Level and ISO 9001:2008.
Dairy Products, Condiments, Confectionary, Alcoholic Beverages, Liquors, Seafood, Vegetables, Baked Products, Pasta, Pasta Sauces, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Med AgriFood Club is an Association of producers, entrepreneurs and commercial operators in the agri-food industry of the Mediterranean area, with a particular interest also to private label productions.


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