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Cosmetic Products, Beauty Care Products
Our story dates back to 50 years ago. Make-up production is our passion and this has made us a flexible and dynamic company. Beautiful Cosmetics take a careful look to quick market evolution and trends: our Research and Development Department is capable of finding advanced technical solutions and anticipating customers modern needs. At Beautiful Cosmetics starts from a good selection of raw material. All our products undergo rigorous microbiological tests.
Disposable Storage Products, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Baking moulds and packaging, Freezer Bags
Cadis s.r.l. works in the production and manufacturing of alimentary wrapping paper:  aluminum foil, plastic-food-wrap and oven paper, in rolls, for domestic and professional use, freezer bags and ice cubes forming bags, aluminum trays with and without lid for catering and industrial market.
Aluminum Foil, Abrasive Fibers, Brooms, Plastic Wrap, Food Storage Bags
Aluminium foil, cling film and food wrapping film, food and freezer bags, garbage bags, greaseproof paper for retail and catering markets. Brooms, brushes, window washers, toilet brush holders, cleaning cloths.
Beauty Care Products, Cosmetic Products
Confalonieri matite is a specialist in manufacturing complete make-up products on behalf of others: pencils, lipstick, lipgloss, concealer, foundation, melted earth, blusher, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and new bioline. These products may be purchased in bulk or in packaging selected by the customer.
Baking moulds and packaging
Founded in 1939 and headquartered in Turin, Ecopack specialises in the production of baking moulds and specific packaging for the global confectionery industry.
Biodegradable Bags, Food Storage Bags, Food Packaging
ESSEOQUATTRO PRESENTS  THE NEWBORN IN THE IDEABRILL’S FAMILY: BIOBRILL, EFFICIENT  BY NATURE, SIMPLY MATCHLESS What about preserving your foods in the best way and at the same time being environmentally friendly?
Corrugated cardboard packaging
Ghelfi Ondulati S.p.A. is a leader in the production of high quality corrugated cardboard packaging materials for the industrial and fruits and vegetables sectors. Our credentials include quality, originality and innovation. Ghelfi Ondulati was founded in 1952. It’s an indipendent and private company operating in carrugated packaging. It’s provided of an one’s equipment to produce corrugated cartonboard sheets.
Cosmetic Products
Gi Picco’s Cosmetics offers micronized powders, bronzing powders, eye shadows, creamy eye shadows, cover–up sticks, blushers, lipglosses, mascara, camouflage, eyeliners, foundations, coloured face creams, lipsticks. Other very important products are: Relief Designs, Embossing and Debossing, Poured and All Over items, Baked Terracotta Wet & Dry, Mineral Line, Organic and Natural Lines, Ecocert certified.
Molded Plastics
Since its foundation, Giflor has always aimed to show originality in the world of molded plastic, with its choice of “technical plastic and packaging products” and strong dedication to research of new ideas.
Disposable Plastic Dishes
I.M.I. Industria Monouso Italiana S.p.A. is located in the industrial area of Vitulazio – Caserta province -, very close to the “Roma – Napoli” highway’s exit of Capua. The plant covers a 10.000 mq. area and uses the latest technology machineries for production, primary and secondary packaging of disposable dishes for the food industry. IMI produces a wide range of disposable plastic dishes.


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