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Red Wine, Alcoholic Beverages, White Wine, Grappa, Dessert Wine, Wine
The Barale Brothers vineyard dates to 1870. Today Sergio Barale follows with meticulous care the succession of all the various phases of cultivation of the 20 hectares of vineyards situated on the most historical hills of Barolo, Monforte d’Alba (Langhe).  The quality of the wines is obtained from the vine: this is our guiding philosophy.
Red Wine, White Wine, Organic Products, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine, Sparkling Wine, Grappa, Organic Wine
Cantina Colli Morenici, founded in 1959, has been producing wine since 1963.
White Wine, Red Wine, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine, Sparkling Wine, Grappa
Wines of quality, elegant, with body, expressing the emotional history and flavor of the Umbrian soil … In the year 50 A.D., Plinio il Vecchio wrote the following about Grechetto and the town of Todi: “…peculiaris est Tudernis…” Since 1958 Cantina Tudernum, situated at the slope of the hill of Todi, along the ancient Via Tiberina, has produced wine obtained only from grapes provided by the vineyards of the district.
Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine, Rose Wine, Grappa, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine, Dessert Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Tinazzi business was founded during the 1960s in Cavaion, Verona, Italy by Eugenio Tinazzi and is now carried on by the third generation of a family which has always had a deep passion for wine and grapes.
Red Wine, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine, White Wine, Grappa
Like that of many other Italian wine producers, ours is a family story. My great-grandfather began making wine from his vineyards around 1890. The underlying theme that has characterized three generations of our family and our winery is based on our three reference points: 1. The Cortese varietal. We have always believed in it. We want to produce wines that represent an area, and we would be sorry if someone tasting them found them pleasant, but anonymous.
Red Wine, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine, Grappa
Collelungo is located at an average altitude of 540 metres (1650 ft) above sea level and not far from the old tower of Castellina in Chianti. It consists of 83 hectares (205 acres), 12 (30) of which are planted to Sangiovese with a very small amount of Merlot. Our soil, known as "alberese and galestro", with the classical structure of medium-textured stony limestone has a poor water retention capacity.
Red Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Alcoholic Beverages, White Wine, Dessert Wine, Wine, Grappa
In the Chianti area, with an enchanting view of the famous town of Siena, Fattoria di Corsignano lies surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, woods. Nearly 25 acres of land are devoted to the production of Chianti Classico DOCG, Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG, I.G.T. Toscano, Grappa, Vin Santo and Olive Oil.
Limoncello, Liquors, Syrups, Grappa, Liquor Gift Box
The Jolly company is an old liqueurs and syrups factory, operating in Naples since the early '90s Quality and tradition are always respected in every ingredient of the innumerable product, such as the Limoncello which is made with an infusion of top quality lemons in pure alchool and according to a centuries old family formula using only natural ingredients.
Red Wine, Sparkling Wine, White Wine, Dessert Wine, Grappa, Wine Gift Set, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine
La Versa was founded in 1905, is now a joint-stock company with 750 shareholders who collectively own 1300 hectares of vineyards in the Valle Versa and Oltrepò Pavese. The Versa Winery produces wines (Red and White), sparkling wines (Champagne or Classic Method and Martinotti Method) and spirits using only grapes of the Valle Versa and Oltrepò Pavese.
Lemon Juices, Juices, Dressings, Fruit Juices, Licorice, Liquors, Grappa, Bitters, Cake Decorations, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze
Our Company is born in Calabria, in the province of Crotone, and is operating for many years in the food industrywork producing both under its own brand that customers private label. We address to national and international high qualified customers and export almost all over the world.


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