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Bathroom Products, Household Products, Household Cleaners
Archimede R&D S.r.l. is involved in innovation and development on environmental-friendly chemistry. We develop and market new consumer eco-friendly products under the brand Dr Neu and for a private label. We design and produce innovative solutions for household cleaning and appliances maintenance.
Sponges, Brooms, Ironing Board Covers, Household Products, Abrasive Fibers, Cleaning Cloths, Toilet Care, Personal Care Products
Production of household and professional cleaning items and plastic tools (scouring fibres, sponges, scouring sponges, synthetic and cellulose sponge scourers, cleaning cloths, microfibers, brooms, push-brooms  and brushes), personal care articles (bath and body sponges and items for massage), Ironing board covers. Employees: N° 320 Arix production plants and branches:
Beauty Care Products, Toiletries, Automotive Care, Household Products, Aerosol Products, Insecticides, Hair Care
This historic company began doing business in 1964 and, since then, it has constantly evolved over the years, paying maximum attention and observing proper timing to technology and trends in the “AEROSOL” sector and related products. Today, our company is ever more attentive to the needs of our qualified European customers by offering a wide variety of finished products that bear our logo as a result of a partnership for third-party packaging and “Private Label.”  
Housewares, Household Products
High Quality Houseware Products for Daily Use, Which Combine Aesthetics and Functionality; Exclusively Italian Production and Design.
Laundry Products, Beauty Care Products, Wipes, Make-Up Remover Wipes, Personal Care Products, Cleaning Cloths, Microfiber Cloths, Household Products, Feminine Hygiene Wipes, Facial Wipes
We produce WET WIPES for:  baby care, personal care, beauty care, home care, car care, pet care and others. We can also supply dry wipes for beauty and home care. We can supply: sachets, mini pockets, flow-packs, re-fill packs with labels and plastic lids, rectangular boxes, multi packs, oval and round canisters.
Insect Repellents, Insecticides, Household Products, Air Fresheners
Copyr was established in 1961 as Compagnia del Piretro. Originally part of Wellcome Foundation, it became independent in the 80’s. Since then the company’s core business has always been the formulation of insecticides with the highest safety profile, based on Pyrethrum and Pyrethroids.
Disinfectants, First Aid Products, Household Products
Germo was founded in 1956 and since then has always been synonymous of disinfection and hygiene. Today Germo continues its daily battle against infective agents, with much more consolidated experience and a progressive research and development activity.
Scented Products, Air Fresheners, Household Products, Deoderants, Automotive Care, Insecticides
Production: Air fresheners & insecticides. IGO was founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of packaging for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and herbal medicine industry. It is characterized by a constant growth in terms of turnover, the technological content of its products and its presence on international markets.
Detergents, Soaps, Household Cleaners
Established in 1908, the Saponeria Silva company took great care in its production of bath and laundry soaps, providing quality products guaranteed by a wealth of experience. Having abandoned its old soap cutters, wood kilns for drying and ancient production methods, the Italsilva Group has maintained the traditional fragrances and properties of its detergent products, while complying to the most modern technology processes, ensuring both quality and efficiency.
Dust Cloths, Wipes, Cleaning Cloths, Household Cleaners, Automotive Care, Mops, Floor Mats, Rugs
Textile producers since 1975. Deal with Gdo, wholesaler all over the world. Produce also private label for some of the most famous firms.    


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