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Frozen Pasta Entrees, Ready Made Meals, Lasagna, Frozen Vegetable Entrees, Filled Pasta, Risotto
All Foods is one of the biggest Italian catering companies. It is an ideal fit for large communities (hospitals, airports, and universities…). Among several catering facilities, we own a factory for producing frozen pasta ready meals. Last year’s holding’s turnover was 27,000,000 EuroS. The number of employees is 500. The company’s Chairman is Mr. Giuliano Gilocchi. The company began to operate in 1987.THE PRODUCTS
Grilled Vegetables , Marinated Vegetables , Ready Made Meals, Frozen Specialties, Organic Vegetables, Prepared Entrees, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Pasta Entrees, Dried Mushrooms, Frozen Cakes, Frozen Desserts, Specialty Pasta, Soups, Risotto, Sundried Tomatoes, Sundried Vegetables, Frozen Risotto
ASIAGO FOOD has been operating in the market of frozen woodland mushrooms and berries for over 20 years, offering all-natural, premium, quality-controlled food products for both retail and foodservice, as well as private label production. The family run business started the company in their hometown of Asiago in the mountains of the Veneto region. Currently, the production facility and sales headquarters are based in the town of Veggiano, in the province of Padova, in northern Italy.
Frozen Specialties, Frozen Risotto, Frozen Products, Frozen Vegetable Entrees, Frozen Pizza, Frozen Desserts
Bocon was founded in 1987 and currently employs about 50 people in its two production sites in Pieve di Soligo and Susegana, an hour’s drive north of Venice.   The main facility in Pieve di Soligo is dedicated to frozen products – the company’s core business, while the one in Susegana is devoted to gnocchi (chilled and frozen).   
Arborio Rice, Vialone Nano Rice, Risotto, Rice, Carnaroli Rice
Riseria Cremonesi is the main rice-producer in Veneto, producing around 250,000 quintals per year of processed rice with a production of husk of about 75.000 quintals per year amounting to 6,250 hectares. They aim to be the most innovative producer of white rice: this means that the firm wants to surpass the restricted territorial limits of national demand while still keeping with the Italian tradition in rice production.
Pasta, Gluten Free Products, Risotto, Organic Products, Kosher Products
The “Ghigi” plant was built in 1870 by an artisan baker, in a small village of Emilia Romagna, in Northern Italy. Overtime, after Barilla and De Cecco, it became the third largest pasta manufacturer in Italy. In 2008, after 137 years of business, the company was purchased by a consortium of 4200 farmers, who control the whole chain, from seed to the finished packet. The new plant was completed in June 2011, through an investment exceeding 50 million of euros.
Frozen Means, Frozen Ready Meals, Gnocchi , Pasta, Pasta Frozen Entrees, Ready Made Meals, Frozen Risotto
THE COMPANY Founded in 1999, believing that the market contemplated to many products under the image of Traditional Kitchen of Bologna but not representing it at all. The products from the area of Bologna are, in fact, universally known as synonymous of high quality cuisine.  Actually La Cucina di Bologna is considered as one of the most representative companies in terms of High Quality Products THE MISSION
Rice Cakes, Organic Products, Organic Snacks, Rice Oil, Organic Rice, Risotto, Dry Mix Food, Rice, Snacks, Corn Flour
THE HISTORY The Azienda La Gallinella has for many generation been the property of the same family that directly manage and oversee the Azienda. Agriculture here is the fountain of life, tradition, pride and the constant involvement for excellence, the result of the profound tie with nature. THE EXPORTATION
Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Ready Meals, Frozen Risotto, Frozen Mushrooms
PAGNAN is a North Italian company, founded in 1921 by Mazzarolo family, specialized in the harvest, production and distribution of all-natural deep-frozen mushrooms, vegetables, berries fruits, ready meals and custom serving packs (for pizzas, risottos, pastas, sides etc…), based in Asolo, an area reknowned for the quality of mushrooms that grow naturally in forests protected since the days of "Serenissima Republic of Venezia".
Fresh Egg Pasta, Frozen Pasta, Ready Made Meals, Risotto, Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta
Fresh and frozen egg pasta, pasta of durum wheat semolina, ready meals, prepared risottos.
Frozen Ready Meals, Frozen Risotto, Frozen Meals, Frozen Vegetable Entrees
Surmont, Surgelati Montello, is a company operating in the deep-frozen Ready Meals, Mushrooms and vegetables field. Surmont a frozen food division of the company “Funghi del Montello”, Italian leader in cultivating and processing mushrooms, was established in 1995 in order to produce deep-frozen mushrooms. In 1998 it became an independent company and started to deal with other types of frozen mushrooms (wild and cultivated) and vegetables.
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