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Confectionary, Torrone, Fruit Sauces, Sauces, Jams and Preserves, Cakes, Cookies, Pandoro, Panettone, Chocolate Spreads, Pesto, Antipasto Vegetables, Baked Products, Nougats, Chocolates
Mostarda of Cremona, nougat, nusterd based fruit and vegetables sauces for meat and cheese, vegetables preserves, pasta sauces.
Pocket Tissues, Paper Products, Disposable Products, Napkins
The company was created in 1992 but has been involved in the tissue market for 30 years. This experience allows us to subject raw materials to a careful process of selection in order to assure that products respect standards and regulations on safety and hygiene.
Sundried Tomatoes, Sundried Vegetables, Oven Roasted Vegetables, Antipasto, Ready Made Meals, Specialty Pasta, Organic Products
Fiordelisi srl is an Italian company leader in production of Sundried and semi dried vegetables, mainly tomato. Moreover Fiordelisi produces a wide range of antipasti. The most of the vegetables that Fiordelisi processes come from its own farms, so that thanks to experience and manufacturer capability the company is able to follow all the products processing "from field to fork" with constant checks on the quality.
Personal Care Products
Stain removers for tissues, products for personal care and insecticedes.
Mozzarella di Bufala Cheese, Organic Products, Butter , Caciocavallo Cheese, Cheese, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Yogurt, Frozen Products
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Olive Oil Gift Set, Organic Products
Galantino olive mill has been producing high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, using Coratina and Ogliarola olives, since 1926. The olives are handpicked in the Galantino family estate and in the olive groves situated north of Bari (Apulia, Southern Italy) and are then cold-pressed by using the traditional stone grinders and a new technology centrifugal system.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Products
Founded in 1905, trough the union of its olive producing members, the "Frantoio Sociale Colline di Massa Marittima" has promoted the production of extra virgin olive oil typical of the hills around Massa Marittima, Grosseto, Tuscany. Its experience, matured throughout the years, has contributed to the establishment of the present oil-mill and has led to the harvesting and pressing methods now adopted.
Filled Snacks, Cereal, Breakfast Cereal, Gluten Free Products, Kosher Products, Organic Products, Baby Food
With thirty years’ experience in the manufacture of extruded products, Fudex is the right partner for innovative, healthy and natural products under its customers’ brands.              Our facility, located in Torino (Northwestern Italy), is certified BRC, ISO14001, IFS, BIO 834, NOP for USA and COR for Canada.
Disinfectants, First Aid Products, Household Products
Germo was founded in 1956 and since then has always been synonymous of disinfection and hygiene. Today Germo continues its daily battle against infective agents, with much more consolidated experience and a progressive research and development activity.
Pasta, Gluten Free Products, Risotto, Organic Products, Kosher Products
The “Ghigi” plant was built in 1870 by an artisan baker, in a small village of Emilia Romagna, in Northern Italy. Overtime, after Barilla and De Cecco, it became the third largest pasta manufacturer in Italy. In 2008, after 137 years of business, the company was purchased by a consortium of 4200 farmers, who control the whole chain, from seed to the finished packet. The new plant was completed in June 2011, through an investment exceeding 50 million of euros.


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