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Confectionary, Biscotti, Snacks, Amaretti, Baked Products, Cookies
Tuscan confectionery: almond Tuscan Cantuccini (biscotti), soft Tuscan Amaretti, Brutti e Buoni (crunchy almond cookies), Cantuccini with almonds, chocolate and cocoa, persipan Tuscan pastry, almond and candied fruit soft cakes, salty snacks for aperitif, individually wrapped products.
Cosmetic Products
Gi Picco’s Cosmetics offers micronized powders, bronzing powders, eye shadows, creamy eye shadows, cover–up sticks, blushers, lipglosses, mascara, camouflage, eyeliners, foundations, coloured face creams, lipsticks. Other very important products are: Relief Designs, Embossing and Debossing, Poured and All Over items, Baked Terracotta Wet & Dry, Mineral Line, Organic and Natural Lines, Ecocert certified.
Disposable Storage Products, Disposable Tableware
Giano Plastica is headquartered in one of the most innovative businesses southern Italy active in the creation of plastic products for food. Giano Plastica aims among its primary objectives the production of high quality products and especially Reliability at European level in the disposable market. The company has always focused on the right mix of marketing, research and development to be able to point to new and attractive products for the markets.
Baked Products, Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
In operation since 1870, GR.A.M.M. Srl's production focuses largely on the foreign market where they sell to such countries as England, Germany and the U.S. GR.A.M.M. has primarly supplied their products as Private Label items to large distribution chains in these markets. The company's product lines consists of: fresh pasta, special and coloured dry pasta, fresh and dry organic pasta, olive oils and bakery products.
Breadsticks, Baked Products, Breads
GRISSIN BON of Reggio Emilia, started its activity as a bakery producer in the 50’s. Known, at that time, as “Grissineria Reggiana”, the company was launched and expanded above all because of the experience of the founder baker, Nevino Bernardelli, who planned the work of the small firm, using the secrets of the traditional handicraft production.
Breadsticks, Organic Breadsticks, Yeast Free Breadsticks, Artisan Breadsticks, Yeast Free Products
Grissinificio Europa is a family owned private company with a thirty years experience in the production of Italian bakery products. The company is based in Cuneo, near Alba (the cradle of the Slow Food movement) in the Northern Italian region Piemonte where the Grissini have been created.
Breadsticks, Breads, Baked Products
The Grissitalia group operates in the fresh bread and bread sobstitutes sector with a total production of approximately 49,000 tons per year, divided as follows: breadsticks, fresh bread, soft bread and long life bread. The quality standards production capacity, combined with the experience acquired in over 40 years of business, place the company in a leading position in the industrial bread-making sphere. 
Fresh Pasta, Fish, Sauces, Tomato Products, Vegetables, Legumes, Jams
Gruppo FINI is a leading company based in Modena with two business unit. FINI, founded in 1912, produces fresh filled pasta from extruded egg dough, 100% natural ingredients. Range includes potatoes gnocchi, pre-cooked polenta, fish carpaccios, fresh sauces.
Disposable Tableware, Napkins, Disposable Storage Products
Disposable products for the table. Cups, glasses, plates, containers, napkins, tablecovers and cutlery, made of plastic or paper material.
Wafers, Cookies, Baked Products
Producers of biscuits, wafers and cakes.


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