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Disposable Storage Products, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Baking moulds and packaging, Freezer Bags
Cadis s.r.l. works in the production and manufacturing of alimentary wrapping paper:  aluminum foil, plastic-food-wrap and oven paper, in rolls, for domestic and professional use, freezer bags and ice cubes forming bags, aluminum trays with and without lid for catering and industrial market.
Pandoro, Panettone, Baked Products, Sugar Free Products
F.B.F. is a company within the Bauli Group, it is one of Italy’s leading companies in the snack sector and a leader in the production of naturally leavened pastry products. They produce croissants, fagottini and trecce, as well as more recent specialities like sugar free croissants, sweet breads with chocolate and Fagottini with double layers.
Filled Snacks, Cereal, Breakfast Cereal, Gluten Free Products, Kosher Products, Organic Products, Baby Food
With thirty years’ experience in the manufacture of extruded products, Fudex is the right partner for innovative, healthy and natural products under its customers’ brands.              Our facility, located in Torino (Northwestern Italy), is certified BRC, ISO14001, IFS, BIO 834, NOP for USA and COR for Canada.
Pasta, Gluten Free Products, Risotto, Organic Products, Kosher Products
The “Ghigi” plant was built in 1870 by an artisan baker, in a small village of Emilia Romagna, in Northern Italy. Overtime, after Barilla and De Cecco, it became the third largest pasta manufacturer in Italy. In 2008, after 137 years of business, the company was purchased by a consortium of 4200 farmers, who control the whole chain, from seed to the finished packet. The new plant was completed in June 2011, through an investment exceeding 50 million of euros.
Breadsticks, Baked Products, Breads
GRISSIN BON of Reggio Emilia, started its activity as a bakery producer in the 50’s. Known, at that time, as “Grissineria Reggiana”, the company was launched and expanded above all because of the experience of the founder baker, Nevino Bernardelli, who planned the work of the small firm, using the secrets of the traditional handicraft production.
Breadsticks, Organic Breadsticks, Yeast Free Breadsticks, Artisan Breadsticks, Yeast Free Products
Grissinificio Europa is a family owned private company with a thirty years experience in the production of Italian bakery products. The company is based in Cuneo, near Alba (the cradle of the Slow Food movement) in the Northern Italian region Piemonte where the Grissini have been created.
Breadsticks, Breads, Baked Products
The Grissitalia group operates in the fresh bread and bread sobstitutes sector with a total production of approximately 49,000 tons per year, divided as follows: breadsticks, fresh bread, soft bread and long life bread. The quality standards production capacity, combined with the experience acquired in over 40 years of business, place the company in a leading position in the industrial bread-making sphere. 
Candies, Chewing Gum, Sugar Free Candies, Cake Decorations, Sugar Free Chewing Gum
INDACO SpA is an important company in the confectionery sector. The company was founded in 1999 and started its activity in the year 2000 on the initiative of the family Cola. This family already owned Amarischia SpA, a company that has been producing high quality liqueurs and sugar coated almonds since 1969. To the tradition of Amarischia is added the consolidated experience in the confectionery sector of a very modern and productive industrial plant.
Pasta Sauces, Bruschetta , Organic Pasta Sauces, Organic Products, Gluten Free Products, Soups, Grains, Seafood, Organic Snacks
Le Bontà was founded in 1994 in Prato, near Florence in the heart of the green Tuscany. A typical family history of entrepreneurship that started from the love for good food and that, in a short time was able to gain the preferences of gourmet food lover. Barbagli and Carapelli families (historical leading brand in the food business), under Le Bontà, combine today the Tuscan/Italian tradition of the assortment Accademia Toscana to the healthy, balanced and natural products of Nuova Terra.
Baked Products, Breadsticks, Snacks, Crackers
Lema is a mid-sized Italian company specializing in the production of healthy savoury snacks: “Grissini”, “Mini-Grissini”, “Micro-Grissini” and “Fornacine” (Italian specialty crackers), both conventional and, since 1996, organic certified by BIOAGRICERT (member of IFOAM, NOP accredited). Lema’s HACCP System has been implemented for several years and it is foreseen to terminate the ISO 9002 (Vision 2000)certification within the first semester of 2004.


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