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Butter, Dairy Products, Cheese
Brazzale Group is a leader in Italy in the production of butter and cheese. It covers the entire chain from breading to production, seasoning and packaging. 
Stracchino, Crescenza, Grana Padano, Parmiggiano Reggiano, Taleggio, Robiola, Gorgonzola, organic products, Italian speciality cheeses (D.O.P.).
Brooms, Brushes, Housewares
BRUNO BIAVATI started the production of brooms and brushes in 1950 as a small industry and, following the market trend, it kept growing steadily. In 1979 the company moved to its present location and enlarged its space to the current size of 2000 mq. In 1992, owing to the sudden death of the sole owner, Mr. Bruno Biavati, the company was changed from a Proprietorship into a Copartnership.
Jarred Vegetables, Dried Mushrooms
Bruschi Borgotaro Srl has been synonymous with quality and a guarantee for its clients since 1890. Through the years, the continually growing consumer approval has made the “Bruschi” brand  one of the national leaders in the dried Mushroom’s sector as well as for Mushrooms in olive oil.
Buona Compagnia Gourmet gathers in the same group the experience of two historical production plants: one is based in Quinto di Treviso and is the leader in the production of potato gnocchi, made only with fresh potatoes. The other one, based in Savona, has been an excellent exponent of the Genovese Pesto, realized following the best tradition of Liguria, and many other tasteful sauces, dressings and gastronomic preparations.
Cured Meats, Deli Meats, Prosciutto
Tradition, Innovation, Quality and Safety. These are the four pillars on which we build our way of working. These values, on which CG Salumi bases its business philosophy, are the heredity left by a story begun more than thirty years ago in Parma, in the heart of the Italian Food Valley with the production of one of the most excellent products of the Italian cold meats range: Parma ham.
Baked Products
C.R.M. is over thirty years old and has prospered thanks to the joint experience of Renzo Montagnani and Carla Rebecchi. The letters make up the logo stem from C. for Carla and Cristiano, R. for Renzo and M. for Montagnani. 
Brooms, Lint Removers, Clothespins, Dust Pans, Buckets, Bathroom Brushes
Founded in 1963, CSC is the 2nd Italian company established for the production of brooms, brushes, floor-brushes, plastic cloth pegs, and lint roll brushes. Our factory has a surface area of approximately 6000 m3 where manufacture 5 million units per year of brooms and brushes and 10 million units of lint roller brushes with 10 machines. These items are sold both under private label and our own brand names: CSC - I Prodotti di Marisa, TP – IDEE PER LA CASA AND MAXNOVA.
Disposable Storage Products, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Baking moulds and packaging, Freezer Bags
Cadis s.r.l. works in the production and manufacturing of alimentary wrapping paper:  aluminum foil, plastic-food-wrap and oven paper, in rolls, for domestic and professional use, freezer bags and ice cubes forming bags, aluminum trays with and without lid for catering and industrial market.
Espresso Coffee, Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee
The history of Café do Brasil is one of the great Italian success stories which began in Naples in the 1950s.  Café do Brasil with its brand name caffè KIMBO scored its early commercial success in the area around Naples in the 1970s by creating a high quality product that best expresses that special Neapolitan taste in coffee.