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Via Enrico Tellini, 14
20155 MILANO, MI
Phone: +393283288884
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Luca Alessi
Ventilii Milano
The magical power of perfumes Like a signature, "a smell, a perfume" characterizes the spaces of our home, welcomes our guests, is imprinted on our clothes. It can stimulate the senses, wake up memories, trigger emotions capable of putting us in contact with our inner world. This and much more is the olfactory experience. A valuable experience and to be enhanced. COSMETICS FOR YOUR HOUSE Like beauty products, but for the home and clothing The spaces we live in, the garments we wear accompany our moments and tell something about who we are. They can convey serenity, welcome us with freshness, recall our days at the sea. Smell of charm, creativity and elegance. They therefore deserve care, attention and pampering, as if they were our skin. An author's beauty routine SPA. A distinctive experience begins with the details. All those details that capture attention. From the selected and quality raw materials to the imaginative formulations, from the refinement of the packaging to that something extra: you can feel a “present”, “close” brand. It knows how to amaze, to dialogue, to make its consumers more attentive and aware.