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Antonio Gramsci, 10
38023 Cles, TN
Phone: +39 0463 600260
Fax: +39 0463 609882
Contact person:
Francesco Paolazzi
Skype Name: francesco.paolazzi
Products Fruit Sauces, Dried Fruits, Snacks
Codice Ateco:
103900 - Other processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables
01021602 - ORGANIC PRODUCTS, 01021600 - Organic and dietary food products, 01020502 - FRUITS, LEGUMES/PULSES AND VEGETABLES (PRESERVED, DRIED, FREEZE-DRIED, CANNED), 01010200 - Dried fruit
A.D. Chini
AD Chini s.r.l. was founded in 1988 by Mr. Danilo Chini in Cles, a village in the beautiful Val di Non, Trentino-South Tyrol. Surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites and characterized by rivers and lakes, it’s a perfect scenario for our activities. Since then we produce healthy snacks, with excellent fruit selections and the famous local Golden Delicious apples. Our mission is to provide anyone with top quality healthy products, without additives, added sugars and preservatives. All this using local apple from Trentino-South Tyrol only (Km 0) together with other selected fresh fruit. This is the reason why our products suit to both children and adults, ideal to those people who play sports and to all people who follow a healthy and well balanced diet. All our products are 100% fruit and 100% natural, with no added sugar or other additives. Our products are gluten and lactose-free and we can certicate them as organic and vegan. ... without forgetting their extraordinary taste.

Fruit Sauces

FRUIT PUREE A creamy and 100% natural fruit puree, made only with Golden Delicious apples, without peel and seeds, and other highly selected fruit. A delicious fruit mousse without added sugar and preservatives. Nature is the only one protagonist in all the thirteen flavours of its vast assortment. The product, gluten-free and vegan, is also available as organic too!

Dried Fruits

APPLE CHIPS A tasty and genuine snack made only with Golden Delicious apple, peeled, sliced and dried at low temperature without any kind of frying. Absolutely natural, "Melamangio" snacks are free from added sugar, fat and preservatives. Perfect to eat out at any time of the day, Melamangio snacks are packaged in a practical single-serve package. No crumbs, no stains, no fat! Two different cuts. The product, gluten-free and vegan, is also available as organic too!


TENERO SNACK/SOFT SNACK - BARS 100% FRUIT Our Soft Snacks are 100% natural, made from dried apples and fruit juices, with no preservatives and added sugar, gluten-free, as apples and fruit are naturally free. A snack for everyone! Six different flavours for the conventional line and two for the organic one. The product is also available in a handy 4 pieces multipacks.

Fruit Sauces

Made 100% from strictly selected fruit and high quality Melinda Golden Delicious, Melinda Squeez is a perfect, healthy and balanced snack for kids. Without added sugar, aromas and preservatives, Melinda Squeez, apple-shaped, is unique and innovative. The spout is resealable and anti-suffocation. Four different flavours