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Agrozootecnica Marchesa Snc
The Parente family has been raising water buffalo for over a century and transforming their milk into delicate and delicious mozzarella cheese. As is typical in their location, the family has created a company based on an area of about 200 hectares used for agricultural and zoological purposes, named "Agrozootecnica Marchesa di Enrico Parente & C. s.n.c.", specializing in water buffalo raising and in the transformation of water buffalo milk.  The company’s purpose is to combine traditional and modern breeding techniques for water buffalo, always respectful of the environment and each animal's well-being.  The natural habitat, the high quality fodders produced in the company, the fresh pastures and the wide shelters make up the winning recipe of this farm, where everyone pays strong attention to the animal’s well-being, because a well-bred animal is a well-producing one.
The milk produced by a farm with these characteristics is an indispensable starting point to obtaining high quality mozzarella cheese.

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella manufactured in basin-box.

Ricotta Cheese

Mozzarella manufactured in heat sealed envelope, knotted envelope bag, parchment, micro pierced paper and maxi envelope.

Mozzarella in all shapes and sizes: cherries, morsels, small and large braids.  

Smoked provola, Caciocavallo, Buttermilk curd, Burrata, fresh and seasoned caciottas.

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Mozzarella di Bufala Cheese