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Via Caselle, 2
25081 Bedizzole, BS
Phone: +39 030 6872108
Fax: +39 030 6872101
Products Frozen Meals, Ready Made Meals, Frozen Specialties, Prepared Entrees
A specialist in the production of frozen foods specifically focused on the area of meat products such as hamburgers, meatballs, ready meals with meat and vegetables and frozen minced beef packed in the IQF packaging. Products lines are packaged for specific industries such as retail and catering. An organic range as well as soy based products is also available.

The mission of ALCASS is to offer frozen products without preservatives and with clean labels. To do this, we only use freshest raw materials to create our frozen meals. Meat is provided in portions that are easy to use. ALCASS is able to adapt their products and production processes quickly with maximum flexibility to satisfy their customers' evolving needs. These are the core points of ALCASS’s company strategy, thank to the knowledge acquired throughout their long-standing experience in the food sector. 

Frozen Meals

Beef Mini-Burgers with Grilled Potatoes

Ready Made Meals

Breaded veal cutlets

Frozen Specialties

Grilled Pork Sausages

Prepared Entrees

Organic Hamburger Patties

Prepared Entrees

Breaded Soy Cutlets