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Viale dello Stadio 77
05100 Terni, TR
Phone: +39 0744 800703
Fax: +39 0744 807140
Products Frozen Pasta Entrees, Ready Made Meals, Lasagna, Frozen Vegetable Entrees, Filled Pasta, Risotto
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All Foods is one of the biggest Italian catering companies. It is an ideal fit for large communities (hospitals, airports, and universities…). Among several catering facilities, we own a factory for producing frozen pasta ready meals. Last year’s holding’s turnover was 27,000,000 EuroS. The number of employees is 500. The company’s Chairman is Mr. Giuliano Gilocchi. The company began to operate in 1987.

Our products (frozen ready meals, frozen pasta and frozen sauces) reflect the qualities of typical Italian cuisine, using traditional preparation methods applied on an industrial scale. 

We are committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers by offering them innovative, safe and high quality food products.
Our products have been specifically developed for exporting the Italian way of eating all over the world. With our extensive portfolio of genuine Italian raw materials, our primary focus is on end users for whom quality, variety and convenience are essential. 
We wish to achieve this with respect for our society and the environment and with the conviction that the personal development of our employees must go hand in hand with the development of our Group. 

Our factory of frozen pasta ready meals was built in 1994 under the name of Qualitalia and was aquired by All Foods in 2002.
Our facility covers a total surface of 2,000 sqm fully dedicated to the production of frozen ready meals on two main production lines. The plant is in the city of Terni, in the Umbria region, about 90 Km north of Rome.
Our plant’s daily output can reach 20,000 kgs of products, made up of more than 100 types under several brand names destined both to the catering and to the retail markets.
Our market spans all of Europe. The core business is in the retail market (Laurus in the Netherlands, Netto in Germany, Intemarché in France, Aldi in U.K.) but we are good fit for the catering industry (pub chains, restaurants, and coffee shops) as well. We export almost 75% of our production all over Europe.
Our Quality Standard is guaranteed by an ISO 9002 Certification and a BRC Certification. We welcome prospective clients for auditing the site and encourage any comments which may lead to an improvement of our Quality System.

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