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Via Roma, 108
10070 Cafasse , TO
Phone: +39 0123 416003
Fax: +39 0123 417269
Products Jams, Spreads, Juices, Beverages, Tomato Sauce, Pesto
Arc en ciel Soc. Agr. Coop.
Founded in 1983, our co-operative society is structured for fruit and vegetable processing and, in particular way, for the production of preserves of fruit, fruit juices, tomato sauces and services on behalf of a third part. The seat is located in Cafasse (TO). Our building includes offices, processing department and warehouse in a 7.000mq total area. The company directly checks all production sequences from the raw material to the finished product. Quality control is maintained by our qualified staff to guarantee zero defects on our processing line. Our production facilities are formulated following the most advanced technological system that allow fresh raw fruits to remain unchanged keeping it an absolutely natural product. Our products are distibuted all over the world.


Product Name: Apricot extra jam 350g - Sanabios Apricot, cane Sugar. The extra jam looks with fruit in pieces.


Product Name: Blueberry fruit spread 320g- Arc en ciel Ingredients: Blueberry 70%, Apple Concentrate, jellying Agent: Pectin. The product looks jellied with whole fruits.


Product Name: Blueberry juice 330ml - Sanabios Ingredients: Blueberry


Product Name: Apple and carrot drink 750ml - Arc en ciel Ingredients: Water, Apple Purée 20%, Carrot Juice 10%, Apple Juice concentrate, Ascorbic Acid.

Tomato Sauce

Product Name: Basil tomato sauce 190g - Sanabios Ingredients: Tomato, extra virgin olive Oil, Carrots, Celery, Onion, Salt, Basil 1%.


Product Name: Pesto 130g - Arc en ciel Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, Basil, salt, grated bread (flour type“00”, beer yeast, salt), pine-seeds, dried basil, Garlic.