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Products Frozen Cakes, Frozen Food, Frozen Products, Frozen Specialties
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ARCA srl has been operating in the Italian market for over twenty years. The history of Arca srl dates back to the 1980s in the south of Italy, when Domenico Maurelli, having trained as pastry chef, opened a small shop in the town center of Pompei. The business was successful and attracted the attention of Ciro Buondonno who became a new partner when they founded ARCA srl. After many years and many changes, today ARCA is a leading company in producing and supplying value-added frozen sweet and savory products and it is also moving beyond domestic markets towards international markets. Our assortment includes more than 200 different frozen products in order to satisfy consumers at any time of the day for breakfast, for lunch and for aperitivo: Croissants, donuts, puff pastries, small pizzas, deep fried potato croquettes, a selection of cakes but also the specialties of the Campania region such as shortbread puff pastry sfogliatella riccia and frolla, wheat pastiera, baba cake and many more. Our products are as tasty and delicious as the fresh ones, they are prepared respecting the artisan tradition and always choosing the best ingredients

Frozen Cakes

Delicious donuts line with different fillings

Frozen Food

the traditional Neapolitan pastries, the twins: sfogliatella riccia e frolla

Frozen Products

Our croissant line: filled with the "regal" pistachio, the chocolate, the custard creamy or the apricot jam

Frozen Specialties

Frozen savory products such as rice ball, smal pizzas, potatoes croquette. Finger food for your aperitivo or your quick dinner