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Via Municipio, 16
08030 Gergei, CA
Phone: +39 0782 807031
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Argei Le Fattorie Renolia Sas
Argei unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is produced in Sardinia from the olives “Mallocria”, a type you can find only in this island. The olives are grown in the region of Gergei, a small village in central - southern Sardinia surrounded by untouched and genuine nature.

The olives are selected and cold pressed just after the harvest, exclusively by hand, and the result is an extraordinary olive oil, yellow with reflections of green, “fruttato” with a harmonious flavor that recalls the unmistakable taste of fresh olives.

The unique design of the bottle with the three-olive bottleneck is a real masterpiece of Italian creativity.

The family-owned company has more than 70 years of experience in the production of olive oil. This knowledge passed on from the father to the son is the biggest treasure of this company. Today Argei uses the most modern technology to guarantee quality and hygiene.

We also offer certified organic extra virgin olive oil “bioArgei”.

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