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Via delle Querce, 16
46019 Viadana, MN
Phone: +39 0375 780798
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Gianluca Bignotti
Products Food Service Products, Brooms, Brushes, Squeege Floor, Squeege Window, Floor Cleaning Cloths, Bathroom Brushes, Dust Pans, Mops, Buckets, Hanging Organizers, Industrial Products
Codice Ateco:
329100 - Manufacturing of brooms and brushes
24020000 - Private Label - Non Food
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Ariston Cleaning Solutions Srl
ARISTON, ”Brushmakers since 1939” is a family owned enterprise in its third generation. In the beginning manufacturing consisted of natural fibres & sorghum brooms where individual craftsmen created quality products which were both functional and hard wearing. In the course of time, this was superseded by mechanical & technical innovations paralleled by evolution in the work place. This metamorphosis ushered in unprecedented expansion of products and markets allowing the development of over 150 highly functional products. As a commitment to cutting edge technology, ARISTON employs sophisticated electronic systems throughout its manufacturing plant allowing constant quality control in all phases of manufacturing. This commitment has enabled production to reach 12 million units of which 70% exported to 50 countries globally, an undeniable safeguard of product quality & tradition. Through investment, firstly in people and then in cutting edge technology, ARISTON plans to add to its product range through ergonomic avantgarde design. In order to better service our international clientele and distinguish our products globally, we introduced a new brand name "ARICASA" in 1998.Whilst retaining its original location, 1999 saw the establishment of a new 7,000 sqm manufacturing plant, on a total area of 18000 sqm, designed to satisfy the ever increasing world market. This new plant embodies all the tradition & quality that has become synonymous with the name ARISTON.

Food Service Products

Aricasa Hygiene - Equipment for cleaning industries in food sector. HACCP approved

Food Service Products

Aricasa Detectabile - Products that can be detected with control machines like metal-detectors, magnets or x-rays


Brooms for indoor and outdoor use, with different shapes, colors and type of fibers


Floor cleaning brushes. Strong and resistant, nothing can stop them

Squeege Floor

Floor Squeeges, collect water and liquid efficiently

Squeege Window

Window Squeegees, collect water and liquid efficiently

Floor Cleaning Cloths

Cloths and sponges for cleaning smooth surfaces

Bathroom Brushes

Toilet brushes with his holders

Dust Pans

Dust pan with handle or broom for catching dust, dirt and trash


Cotton and synthetic mops for floor cleaning


Buckets of different shapes and sizes for mops and water

Hanging Organizers

Clipp all organizer for hanging handles and tools


Aricasa Home Products - Silver Class - Brooms and Dust Pan with a modern design, perfect to decorate your house


Aricasa Home Products - SureGrip - Products with ergonomic design, to maximize grip and use

Industrial Products

Aricasa Professional Products - Tools for professional use, made with high quality materials and eye-catching design


Cobwebs and ceiling cleaners, of various shapes and lenghts. Can be joined with a 180° rotatable junction.


Tube brushes for cleaning tubes, bottles and pipes


Hand brushes, with or without handle, for indoor or outdoor use
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