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The core business is to produce a complete range of innovative, great tasty gluten free pasta-also for the Private Label-made from a variety of naturally gluten free ingredients such as:Corn,Brown Rice,Rice,Buckwheat,Quinoa, Amaranth,Lentils,Green Peas and more.We have a Pasta Factory and a Mill dedicated exclusively to gluten-free food production.Our range of pasta Felicia Bio is the most complete and varied that you can find: organic, gluten free, GMO free, no added starch, no emulsifiers.
Pasta, Soups, Rice
Privately held, established in 1987 to provide research, development and analysis services to the Food Industries. Thanks to several years of working experience with the major food producers, the Company’s owners decided to develop a line of new products “easy to prepare” – “easy to cook” that combine the best freeze-dried and lyophilized ingredients with the Italian know-how on good food. In 1995 Antaar&s started production of ready to cook meals for both Branded and Private Labels.
Fresh Pasta, Fresh Egg Pasta, Gnocchi, Sauces
In 1987 Antica Pasteria began producing natural fresh pasta, with genuine passion for high quality and real freshness. This passion brought us to continuously improve the quality of our products, without ever compromising on its key values.
Since 1978 Antico Eremo produces and packs soluble mixes for drinks, desserts, creams , ice creams, gelato, milk shakes, drinking chocolates, teas, slushes, preparations for concentrated juices and syrups - available in various formats. In our laboratories we work to respond to your requests, even the most specific and customized, in line with international trends, preferences and packaging
Pizza Dough, Pizza, Frozen Pizza , Pizza Bases, Focaccia, Breads
Our Company is located in Borgolavezzaro, in the heart of Novara lowlands where the ancient country traditions are handed down from father to son. In this land, rich of traditions, water springs, rice and wheat fields, the production of Pizza and pizza bases is carried out according to the typical traditional recipes.
Orecchiette, Pasta, Baked Products, Artisan Pasta, Specialty Pasta, Breads, Cakes, Sauces
Established in 1972, Antico Pastificio del Gargano produces typical and special dried artisan pasta, very similar to homemade pasta. It is situated in Apulia, near the sunny hills of Gargano (FG) where the best quality durum wheat grows. Our pasta is bronze-drawn so that it comes forth in all its typical roughness and guarantees a full flavor with every type of sauce. The pasta is then dried very slowly at a low temperature in order to maintain nutritious quality.
Croissants, Baked Products
Croissant and filled croissant
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil
Aprol offers a complete range of first rate extra virgin olive oil, conventional “Sacromonte and Catapano”, D.O.P. Dauno and an organic line “extra bio”


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