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Via Chiarenza, 8
92016 Ribera, AG
Phone: +39092563297
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Rosario Tortorici
Products Spreads, Jams, Prepared Products for Cakes and Ice Creams
Codice Ateco:
103900 - Other processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables
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Booth Number: F-7658
Scyavuru Srl
Aziende Agricole Scyavuru s.r.l. is located in Ribera, a small center in the province of Agrigento on the south coast of Sicily,  where the nature is orange and yellow coming from citrus gardens, the intense red of the strawberries, the bright green of the wild fennel and where the country side is dressed in flavors and colors, along with scents and flavors.
From here comes the choice of the name of the society: "Scyavuru", a declination of the Sicilian dialect, meaning “good smell”, “fragrance”.
A company born by the passion of a group of people joined together, as well as a bond of kinship, wedding the love for agriculture with the passion for food processing and the strong sense of respect for Sicilian traditions.
The main purpose of the company Scyavuru, specialized in the production of marmalades and jams,  is to exploit the own primary product having  high quality standards present on the local territory, acquired mainly from the associated companies, but also all over the Sicilian territory, in order to realize and put into the market an alimentary product, which is of an remarkable value, with unique fragrances and peculiarities, which can be distinguished from others by it’s flavour, taste and smell.
A laboratory of tastes and flavors where the production of fruits and vegetables is followed by a meticulous process for the preparation of conventional marmalades and jams, a range of jams without added sugar, using white grape juice instead of sucrose and also organic products, sweet spreadable creams, wine jellies, pesto, Sicilian tomato sauce  and extra Virgin Olive Oil.

A lot of patience, dedication and just freshly harvested  fruits, cultivated without stress, following the normal rhythms of nature  lead us to  high quality products  based on simple recipes and craftsmanship without further additions.


Sweet Spreads in the following flavors: Pistachio - Crunchy Pistachio - Almond - Crunchy Almond - Hazelnut - Nougat - Orange - Lemon - Peanuts - Coffee - Coconut - Choco Crunchy - Choco Cream - Milk and Hazelnuts - Speculoos Biscuit - Cubaita - Sesame - Salty Pistachio - White Chocolate - Mou - Saffron - Cappuccino - Salty Caramel - 100% Speculoos Biscuit - Red Velvet - Cardamom - Cinnamon - Turmeric - KeBueno - Salty Choco Cream - Mango - Cotton Candy - Saffron and Cardamom - Salty Speculoos Biscuit


Citrus Marmalades (Orange, Lemon, Late-winter Mandarin, Blood Orange) and Jams (Black Fig, Indian Fig, Pear, White Peach, Strawberry, Red Plum, Apricot, Cherry, Onion, Mulberry).

Prepared Products for Cakes and Ice Creams

Premium quality semi-finished sauce perfect for ice-cream and semifreddi decoration. Also excellent for filling ice-cream cones and cups and as crepes topping or stuffing. Pistachio • Salty Pistachio • Hazelnut • Chocolate • White Chocolate • Peanuts • Speculoos • Coconut • Kebueno • Almond • Salty Caramel Toffee • Saffron • Milk & Hazelnut • Cappuccino • Red Velvet • Cardamom • Orange • Lemon • Mango • Cotton Candy • Saffron & Cardamom