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Products Artisan Breadsticks, Baked Products, Cakes, Panettone
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We are an Italian company founded in 1930 with headquarters near Milan, specialized in the production of salty and sweet bakery products. For 10 years we have also been operating in the ORGANIC FOOD sector where we offer healthy food products without yeasts, made with organic and Italian raw materials and our authentic Italian touch. In addition to making organic products, we also offer our customers high quality conventional products and innovative packaging, based on what interests you most. We offer 3 lines of products: - savory: GRISSONI, SCHIACCIATINA, SFOGLIA CROCCANTE all available in different tastes (oliv oil, pizzaiola, tumeric and pepper, wholemael spelt, cummin seeds, moringa leaves) - sweet: SBRISOLINA MANTOVANA, VEGAN PIES - seasonal: ANELLO DI MONACO (panettone) in different tastes

Artisan Breadsticks

GRISSONE The grissini is one of the most famous Italian products, appreciated in Italy and outside. It is a product which can be preserved for a long time, easy to digest and ideal for many different meals. Our breadsticks are rolled out according to the authentic tradition.

Baked Products

SCHIACCIATINA MANTOVANA The Schiacciatina is a typical product of the Mantuan tradition known for its particular fragrance. To preserve this characteristic, our bakery produces it with genuine ingredients and always handstretches it to achieve that unique quality that machines alone will never be able to copy. Additionally, to make this product accessible to the people, after numerous experimentations, a recipe was crafted which substitutes lard with natural vegetable oils exalting the taste and making it lighter

Baked Products

SFOGLIA CROCCANTE Our crispbreads differ from the famous Neapolitan Sfogliatelles for being salty and not sweet. Thin and crispy crusts of bread that have not a particular shape since they are hand-cut, and therefore the pieces are very light and dry. Then we make small holes on the crust to avoid the formation of too many air bubbles during the cooking. The sfoglie are perfect as a genuine snack to be consumed in every moment of the day.


SBRISOLINA MANTOVANA Almond cake which is also well known outside Italy , it is an authentic Italian estate. It's available in different tastes: classic with almonds, choccolate, turmeric and hazelnut


VEGAN PIE The pie is possibly the most ancient italian dessert since there are no mentions which could tell us more about its origins. The modern pastry actually combines the ingredients in the way we know today starting from the already existing original recipe. In the end, everybody interpreted the recipe as they wished, as it can be seen by the many different existing recipes. Our recipe does not include the use of eggs and butter, in other words ingredients of animal origin. It's available in different tatse: apricot, berries, chierries


ANELLO DI MONACO The “Anello di Monaco” is a leavened sweet characteristic of the Christimas time of the city of Mantua. Its production is completely handmade in our artisan bakery according to the original recipe It differs from the traditional pandoro/panettone for the ingredients; we prepare five different product versions: basic only with white chocolate icing, with almonds, with pistachio,
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