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Products Pasta, Artisan Pasta, Barley, Chickpeas, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Barbi (Azienda Agricola)
The Farm
The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi originates from the Montello Estate, which the Barbi family purchased in 1975 after using a mètayage system since the early 1900’s. The following products can be obtained from the 33 hectare organic crops: an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the typical “Pici”, the delicious Tuscan Ceci Piccini and skinned Barley, ideal for soups. The complete traceability is displayed on the products’ packaging, which guarantees that the product has been obtained exclusively from farm crops.  

Immersed in the enchanting landscape of Val d’Orcia, surrounded by fascinating Art Cities and Thermal Baths, The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi was one of the first companies to start the agritourism activity. The Barbi House apartments, Montello 1 and Montello 2, are detached and comfortable. The old stable can host courses, conventions or banquets. They are easy to get to: Monticchiello, Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Bagno Vignoni, Chiusi, Cortona, Siena, San Gimignano, Arezzo, Perugia, the Trasimeno lake and the Amiata Mount.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
From around 1100 olives it is possible to extract an Extra Virgin Olive Oil which “… at sight, it appears to have an intense gold yellow colour and slight green and clear hues. To the smell, it opens out in an elegant and harmonious manner, rich in green hues of fresh, green country herbs and a complex scent of unripe tomatoes. To the taste, it is refined and vegetable, characterized by fine notes of white fruits and artichoke and, to finish off, a distinctively bitter and spicy content. It is excellent when accompanied with raw meat carpaccio, seafood salad, legume soups, as well as grilled fish and poultry…” in addition, it is characterised by low acidity and a low number of peroxides. It is available in 0.75 lt bottles, 0.50 lt bottles, 0.25 lt bottles, 0.25 lt oil cruets and 5.00 lt demijohns.   

The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi was the first to use its own wheat for Pici; a kind of pasta similar to thick spaghetti, typical of Val d’Orcia. The high quality of the durum wheat grown in the farm and the low temperature drying and bronze drawing techniques have enabled to obtain a product that keeps intact all nutritional values and peculiarity, as well as the capability of holding in the sauce, whether it be meat or vegetable. Due to the product’s delicacy, the adoption of special cooking care is recommended. They are available in 500 gr and 250 gr packages.      

Ceci Piccini 
Grown by The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi on the “poor” fields Val d’Orcia, the Ceci Piccini  (or Cece Nostrale Piccolo), stand out as being smaller in diameter, smooth and almost round. After soaking them for exactly 12 hours, they can be cooked in water and salt until they become soft. If they are seasoned in the traditional way, with a splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a pinch of pepper, together with their cooking water, they delicately melt in your mouth, almost without making a hull, giving the sensation of an exquisite taste. They are available in 500 gr packages in a protective atmosphere.  

Cereal that has always been around in Val d’Orcia, Barley is grown by The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi for its strong adaptation capability to reduced organic farming techniques. Traditionally roasted to be used in drinks, or to make bread with flour, it is nowadays proposed by The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi for its use in soups. It is excellent when slightly skinned as it preserves a fibre part and almost all nutritional elements.  It is available in 500 gr packages in protective atmosphere.

The Farm


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil