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Bonomi SpA
BONOMI S.p.A. established its modern facility and initiated its extensive industrial production in 1970. However, the tradition of producing fine confectionary products dates back to the middle of the 19th century (1850) when the great grandfathers of the current owners opened their first bakery, making bread in the mountains of Verona.

Located in the beautiful Roverè Veronese mountains at approximately 900 meters above sea level, the Bonomi S.p.A. operates in a 20.000 square meters modern facility with 120 full time experienced employees, contributing to the socio-economic development of the Lessinia region.

Due to the fine quality of its products Bonomi S.p.A. has experienced a constant increase in demand for its confectionary products that has led to a huge investment in equipment, changing from two to five automated ultra-modern and state-of-the-art massive ovens, high tech robotics in the packaging area and automatic palletization in the warehouse.

Bonomi S.p.A. was also one of the first industrial facility to install a totally computerised dry (sugar, flour, starch) and liquid (eggs, egg-white, water, glucose syrup) raw materials storage system and has its own inner laboratory to check and analyse all the incoming raw materials and the end-products as well.

Bonomi S.p.A. has been also  accredited UNI EN ISO 9001, BRC Grade A and IFS Higher Level.

Baked Products

Glazed Puff Pastries

Organic Products

Organic Ladyfinger "Kinder" - not sugar coated


Sugared Topped Puff Pastries


Lady Finger Cookies



Organic Cookies

Organic Ladyfingers