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via Bartolomeo Camardo 2, 2
86025 Ripalimosani, CB
Phone: 087461717
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108301 - Coffee processing
01090100 - COFFEE
The history of our company spans four generations and starts when Mr. Bartolomeo Camardo, during a journey in South America, learns the secrets of coffee culture. The opening of his artisanal coffee roasting boutique dates back to 1951, and today the factory in Campobasso covers 20.000 sqm. It was Mr. Bartolomeo Camardo who started the tradition, carried on successfully by his sons and Giuseppe and Felice. The entire production chain is monitored with passion and dedication, starting from the accurate green coffee selection, to the slow and attentive roasting process, to the skilful blending process, until our 14 packaging lines. The single origins of our coffee blends come from the best coffee producers in the world. Our product range is divided into Ho.Re.Ca., Retail, Coffee Pods and Compatible Capsules, Camardo System and Gourmet Products. Particular attention has always been paid to the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, addressee of our Academia Master Baristi® training. Always paying attention to innovations, the recent successes of Baya Roja projects, Selected Arabica Single Origins, and of our organic coffee, represent pleasant and concrete results of our quality’s work, always done with experience. Tradition, passion, excellence, respect, human relationships, these are the values in which our company believes and that we put in our daily work. All this is enclosed in every cup of Camardo coffee.