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Via Varderuolo, 4
70033 Corato, BA
Phone: +39 080 8988013
Fax: +39 080 8721220
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Cannillo Srl
Cannillo  is an Italian company located in the South of Italy who produces breakfast cereals and is considered the third most important Brand in Italy.

We produce all of the most important breakfast cereals, covering all the necessities such as: tasty chocolate cereals for kids to cereals dedicated to wellness containing Low Fat and minimal calories but rich in fiber!

Our production also includes Gluten free cereals for kids and adults. An important characteristic of our Corn flakes, which are made by extrusion, is they are certified by the DNV bureau as “GMO FREE  PRODUCT". Meaning a “Natural” product made with simple and certified Ingredients!!!

Our company is open to all kinds of business and “Private Label cooperation” is well accepted!!!


Cereal Bars