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via molino rosso, 12
40026 imola, BO
Phone: 0542640600
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elena poletti
Codice Ateco:
110210 - Production of table wine and q.w.p.s.r., 110220 - Production of sparkling wine and other special wine
01030100 - Wine industry, 01030000 - Beverage industry
casa vinicola poletti srl
The company was founded by Aurelio Poletti in 1925. As a result of his commitment, followed by that of three generations of his descendants and other hard, honest workers, the company has continued to offer high quality products and services. Casa Vinicola Poletti’s production is based on its own grapes that come from fifty hectares of vineyards. The company processes around 100,000 quintals of grapes, some of which are also provided by selected local growers, on its own wine-producing plant, where 25 million litres of wine are made and bottled every year. The end results of the highly adaptable, cutting edge production cycle are able to satisfy demands from a wide range of sales channels, which has led to the development of an extensive domestic and international sales network. The company has added to its prized “ Vite d’Or” “Simphonia” “Castellaccio” and “Cantine Fabri” trade names, with a new, top quality label aimed at the most exclusive segment of the market: “La Sagrestana”. This product line owes its name to the first farm that the Poletti family planted with vines, which was in fact known as “La Sagrestana”. The land, located in a very favourable position, was planted with traditional, local varieties from the Romagna region such as Sangiovese. After starting with locally grown fruit, the range has since expanded to include about 25 different wines using grapes from the most important wine growing areas in Italy. In this way the company is able to offer its customers a better service based on a vast selection of products.