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We import both PDO and typical Italian cheeses in the USA, ranging from fresh to extra aged cheese, from double cream cheese to those that are naturally aromatized, from whole wheels to 7 oz wedges. They are all quite different but have one important thing in common: the authenticity of being 100% Italian. This is our Past and our Present… 100 years ago, our great-grandfather, Florindo, started his own dairy in the Dolomites mountains, north east Italy. Since then, tradition and knowledge has been passed from father to sons reaching the present and the start of the fourth generation. Many things have changed through the years; one aspect has not, and that is the dedication and passion with which we produce each and every one of our products every day. Milk is collected from the small farms situated in the mountains that surround the Valsugana valley, in the heart of the Dolomites. Thanks to feeding practices and respectful breeding techniques, the superior quality of this milk can be tasted in all the products we make. We have a 5-in-1 production plant with 3 separate cheesemaking units, aging warehouses and packaging facility over a small cheese shop and the quality control laboratory. As a result, our company is able to supply main retail chains with our products throughout Italy, Europe and around the world. One final point that is, nevertheless, of extreme importance is that we are going GREEN: our on-site energy plant produces more than 70% of the total amount of energy we need, not only helping the environment, but also saving tons of carbon dioxide per year.