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Contrada Taverna Di Annibale Lotti 16/17
83040 Frigento (AV), AV
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Cerealitalia Industrie Dolciarie Srl
Cerealitalia is an Italian confectionery company with headquarters in Rome and factory in Frigento ( AV ), and it works in the sector of foods products production and marketing, mainly chocolate confectionery and cereal snacks , obtained through technologically advanced productive processes and highly skilled staff ensuring the quality of the products and the optimization of the resource of the production process . Specifically Cerealitalia produces cereal snacks, chocolate products such as bars, nougats, Christmas and Easter products, in the most various sizes and tastes . Its greatest strong point is first of all the industrial innovation ;his Company Incipit is to develop, through the most advanced technological specific studies, its own production in order to give maximum Italian excellence to its products: CHOCOLATE & CEREALS . CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS In the Chocolate area, Cerealitalia has developed many innovative recipes, especially with the combination of other raw materials, such as creams in the most various flavours, and in particular with its cereals , wheat and rice . Tradition is also respected with the highest diligence regarding Christmas products, its nougats in fact reflect all-around to the old recipes . CEREAL SNACK PRODUCT Particularly in the sector of cereal-based snacks , Cerealitalia has strongly developed its know-how. In fact this particular kind of products was born many years ago in the US and developed immediately in the Anglo-Saxon area. These products were introduced in the italian market only in a second step by the leading multinational companies such as Kellogg's and Nestle, so becoming exclusive prerogative of these ones. CEREALITALIA, considering the great potentialities, decided to invest in the sector developing a kind of product completely natural and healthy, that, besides being a tasty snack, can also be a complete and balanced replacement of the meal. Cerealitalia, in a very short time, is almost the only manufacturer of Italian SME, and with its products with bonded sugar ( with greater success because less fat < 90 k / cal. / bar) has become leader in the domestic market , and it is also becoming success in overseas markets for the appeal of the product Made in Italy. The level of consumption in fact is great, the latest data sales confirm double-digit increases in both national and international level. The product , in its various forms , tastes and types is the result of a very advanced technology that allows the rapid caramelization of sugars that through this process become a perfect binder for the flakes of whole grains . The mix of cereals made from wheat,rice, wheat germ, but also oats and barley, on the contrary does not suffer the influence of heat and thus maintains unchanged all the nutritional characteristics , without the use of preservatives and dyes . The process ends with a rapid cooling of the product which prevents any microbial growth , even for the intrinsic characteristics of the product. The result is a cereal bar or granola bar healthy and light for the presence of grains rich in fiber , essential for a balanced diet , and at the same time made tasty by chocolate drops and fruit pieces . Besides the reduced caloric content associated to a balanced quantity of sugar makes the product suitable for consumption for adults and children. At the base of one of the products certainly more innovative in recent years is the combination of two fundamental components: sugars and fibers (as well as in fruit), where the fibers satisfy the feeling of hunger and sugars and give the energy required to the organism for all its functions. This formula has replaced the less idyllic coupled sugar/fat often found in snack foods. Another key aspect is the safety of the product, guaranteed by the controls in production, by careful selection of raw materials and suppliers and the 'technological innovation system’ that meets all the quality standards that ensure a high and constant quality over time.