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Via Pizzone , 13
84085 Mercato San Severino, SA
Phone: (+39) 089-825827
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Danilo Sarno
Products Canned Tomatoes
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103900 - Other processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables
CONSAR spa is the result of three generations of entrepreneurs, who have dedicated their entire lives to manufacturing and trading Canned Food Products for over 100 years, relaying all their knowledge and experience from father to son. Our core product is Tomato Paste, which we can supply in aluminum tubes, glass jars and cans with different concentrations, from 12/14% to 36/38%, in addition to several other products, such as Peeled, Chopped and Sieved Tomatoes, Pizza Sauce (plain and with spices), boiled grilled and roasted Vegetables in glass jars, Vegetables pates in glass jars and Pulse, such as Green Peas, Baked Beans, Chick Peas, White Beans, etc. Our products, under our brands “La Sarnesina”, “Sara”, “Con.Sar” and “Italian For Dinner”, are well known and appreciated worldwide, and they are certified by several Italian and International Standard Quality Control Organizations, such as BRC and IFS. In addition, our production is certified HALAL (under our “Sara” brand) by a worldwide accredited organization (HIA), as well as they are certified Kosher (EuroKosher), if that might be of your interest. Last but not least, the company just renewed the Certification for the production and the commercialization of Organic Products, which we can supply as well. Besides our brands, we have specialized in producing under private label for both Italian and International trading companies and importers

Canned Tomatoes

Juicy tomatoes harvested at peak ripeness, concentrated into a thick paste to boost your stew or soup.

Our double concentrate tomato paste is obtained with the traditional recipe, simply by evaporating 100% Italian tomato juice, in order to enhance the flavor and to ensure the most of the beneficial properties of this delicious elixir of life. Rich in lycopene, beta-carotene from an anti-aging properties, vitamins (B1, B2, PP, A, C) and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium.
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