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Converting Wet Wipes Srl
We produce WET WIPES for:  baby care, personal care, beauty care, home care, car care, pet care and others. We can also supply dry wipes for beauty and home care.

We can supply: sachets, mini pockets, flow-packs, re-fill packs with labels and plastic lids, rectangular boxes, multi packs, oval and round canisters.

We can use every kind of support material, complex and labels. We have our own laboratories where we develop all of our formulations; we can also work with concentrate supplied by our customers.

Our Internal R&D is focused on developing innovative formulations which can meet the latest trends as well as  European laws and standards. We can supply "Eco formulations" for either body or home care wet wipes. We can also supply the simplest of formulations to the complex and innovative which contain special ingredients. We can easly follow our customer requests and quickly develop their custom formulation. Our keys to success are the "quality" of our products and our "extensive experience" as we have produced wet wipes since 1978.

We also have a new line of LAUNDRY PRODUCTS - MISTER CLEAN - colour absorber wipes, bleaching & washing sachets, stain removers & washing sachet and the revolutionary washing system "Mister Clean Wash & Absorb 5 in 1"; it's a patented sachet with 5 products inside: washing powder, fragrance, sanitizing agent, anti-chalk  and colour absorber. 

The sachet and the carton box are both recyclable and "Environmentally friendly". You can save space and money as the cost of 5 products can be up to 4 times more expensive than our Mister Clean Wash & Absorb products. The cost difference differentiates by each country. Moreover we have the same product + softener essentially 6 products in 1.

We have carried out comparative tests with SGS France between our products and the markets leaders and the results are excellent, as they show that our products are on the same level. 
But our colour absorber wipes have an advantage to other products as they have the "anti colour transfer power".

We have two facilities with 35 production lines which are able to produce 350.000.000 packs per year. We can also supply different types of folding: cross fold, double cross fold, z-fold, Interfolded and M-folded.
We can produce with different kinds of support: arilad, spun lace in different grammages and compositions, wet laid, thermobonded and hydraspun.

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