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Via Ranzato, 1
20128 Milano, MI
Phone: 0226005455
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Products Coffee
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108301 - Coffee processing
COSMAI COFFEE made in Italy
We are a registered , artisanal and Italian family company, specialized in Coffee roasting. We are producing pods / capsules compatible and compostable, grain and ground coffee. Kindness and welcoming One of our most important values is kindness. Our goal is to create an open and equal relationship with every client, colleague and partner. We are attentive to the needs of others and try to offer the best solutions. Competence We are professionals in our field and the first to know the new winds in the coffee industry. We are constantly evolving and learning and we want to share our knowledge of coffee with everyone. A passion for Coffee For us, coffee is not just a drink: it is a culture, a lifestyle, the best moments with friends. Infinite flavours and shades combined with new experiences. Simplicity We are direct, spontaneous and sincere. This helps us to focus on the important things and eliminate the unnecessary ones.


Cosmai compostable and compatible capsules