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Loc. Madonna di Lugo
06049 Spoleto, PG
Phone: +39 0743 23061
Fax: +39 0743 221400
Products Condiments, Truffle Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Kosher Olive Oil, Aromatic Oils, Vegetable Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flavored Olive Oil, Dressings, Organic Olive Oil, Pomace Oil, Sunflower Oil
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Costa d'Oro Spa
Extra virgin olive-oil and Spoleto town have parallel stories and an age-long interdependence. It's not a case that the Umbrian town has always been a famous producer of the so-called "Green Gold", that has been recognized as a healthful, essential aliment since the remote ages.

Costa d'Oro has perfectly integrated itself in this context since 1968, when Sabatini and Santirosi families decided to put at customer's disposal their experience in this field to produce a superior-quality of olive-oil.

Costa d'Oro was originally born as a local, small firm and with the passing of the time it has progressively conquered better positions, both in national and international markets, developing its image always supported by a great respect for the quality of the product which the firm offers to its customers.

In 1983, owing to the favorable economic trend and the amplification of the firm's action field, Costa d'Oro transferred its headquarters to the new industrial zone in Spoleto (Madonna di Lugo), where the firm has got wide stockage capacities and a larger productive power which is able to satisfy the growing demand of the many and different markets where the firm successfully trades.

In 1990, as Costa d'Oro gets considerable dimensions regarding invoiced and supplied geographical zones, the founders decide to restructure the company which has been transformed from an Unlimited Partnership into a Ltd. Besides they formed a merger between two companies, and so they founded the present Costa d'Oro Ltd.


Truffle Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Kosher Olive Oil

Aromatic Oils

Vegetable Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flavored Olive Oil


Organic Olive Oil

Pomace Oil

Sunflower Oil