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C.R.M. Srl
C.R.M. is over thirty years old and has prospered thanks to the joint experience of Renzo Montagnani and Carla Rebecchi. The letters make up the logo stem from C. for Carla and Cristiano, R. for Renzo and M. for Montagnani. 

"C.R.M. A tradition for goodness" is because the technical skills of Renzo continue to make possible the industrialization of the artisan skills of Carla (the inspiring heart of the Company, with its initial production of hand-made tigellas and piadina) and keep alive "all the flavors of tradition". 

TASTE AND QUALITY, which only artisan production is able to enhance, are still the same as they always were despite the fact that high-output machinery is now used. 

C.R.M. products are truly inimitable; to the extent that they are tastier than those made by hand. Today, it is very important to let end consumers know this in a concrete, synthetic and effective way. A direct, photographic tale, with all the fragrance of extra-thin Piada Sfogliata. A joy for the eyes and palate! 

C.R.M. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of tigellas and piadina. Established in 1974 by Carla Rebecchi and Renzo Montagnani, the company has undergone a gradual change over the years until today it incorporates all the flavors of centuries-old tradition. 

Baked Products