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Products Filled Pasta, Egg Pasta
Dalì S.p.A.
Dalì is a medium-sized enterprise acting in the filled pasta market since 35 years. 100% owned by the founder’s family, who operates in the pasta business since a century, arrived now at the 4th generation.

Dalì counts today on a young and well trained staff: we guarantee the operational flexibility of a small business, and the efficiency and reliability of a big industry.

Today’s production capacity is over 10 mln Kg; still partly unused (after recent investments on new production lines). Production plants are recent, widely automated and high - performing.
80% of our sales are of private labels, that we supply to the bigger retailers in europe and, more recently, North America.

Production is certificated for «International food Standard – IFS» and «Global Standard Foos Safety – BRC» since the beginning of 2006. Quality systems were developed by internal staff and grew together with the company.

Dalì produces the following categories:
Fresh egg pasta
Fresh filled pasta 
Shelf-stable (semi-fresh) filled pasta (SID numbers available)

Filled Pasta

Fresh filled pasta (chilled):
this is the product we’re all familiar with: tasty pasta made with eggs, featuring delicious traditional and more creative fillings. 
Using our technology, we can consistently increase the shelf-life of the product. The result is a fresh filled pasta that can be stored in the fridge for very long periodsobtained naturally, by subjecting the product to a number of mild heat treatments, skilfully applied in just the right measure to safeguard the product’s nutritional characteristics, and without using chemicals. 
It is no longer true that the fresh pasta made in Italy needs to be frozen to reach the USA!!

Filled Pasta

Shelf-stable filled pasta
the organoleptic characteristics of this product are very similar to those of the classic fresh pasta; the advantage is that it can be stored at room temperature, and has a much longer shelf life (up to 6 months).
This is made possible thanks to a combination of heat treatments (drying and pasteurisation) and compliance with rigorous hygiene procedures during production.
By Italian law, it must have > 20% humidity and Aw of less than 0.92. N.B.: not to be confused with dry filled pasta.
FDA requires a LACF registration for this product category, and we are ready with that.

Egg Pasta

Fresh egg Pasta tagliatelle, tagliolini, spaghetti alla chitarra. Made in Italy, with extra long shelf-life that allows to reach USA without freezing.