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Products Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Grated Cheese
Dalter Alimentari S.p.A. is leader in the fresh grated and portioned cheese packaging sector (DOP and typical cheeses from Italy, like Parmesan cheese, Grana Padano cheese and Pecorino Romano cheese) for the retail market, food manufacturers and foodservice, in Italy and a number of foreign markets. 
Since its foundation in 1978, Dalter has always aimed to select the best cheeses direct from the producer, offered in a range of cuts and formats, packaged in classic and innovative ways.
With its flexible organisation and an open mind, it is able to support its business partners by developing and creating made-to-measure products that fully meet their demands. Over the years, the company has also proved its total reliability in the design and development of ad-hoc solutions for important brand leaders.

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese

Excellent grated parmesan cheese, in convenient bag under a protective atmosphere. Ideal for catering and food industries that use cheese as an ingredient in the preparation of their recipes. The product maintains its just-cut freshness for up to 90 days. Store the product at a temperature of between 2°C and +8°C; once opened, consume within a few days

Grated Cheese

  • Cutting and packing Parmesan cheese in Dalter plant
  • Parmesan Cheese and Grana Padano single serving tubs for foodservice and catering
  • Single-serving sachet of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese