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Deco Industrie Scpa
DECO INDUSTRIE is committed to developing its capacity for innovative manufacturing and to supplying high-quality sustainable products through modern trade practices.

Today, DECO INDUSTRIE designs, manufactures and packages - all within its own facilities - washing liquids and domestic, as well as a wide range of sweet and savory oven-baked products. The company focuses on meeting the evolving requirements of the large-scale distribution industry by ensuring its own products are of the same high standard as the leading national brands, analyzing consumer behavior, refining the composition of its products, engineering its products and processes, complying with the regulatory framework and optimizing its own logistical resources.


PANETTONE with Giorgione wheat flour, 100% italian grain The experience and mastery of DECO in the preparation of celebratory desserts together with the careful selection of high-quality ingredients of Italian origin have created a Panettone that represent the genuine excellence of the tastes of our tricolor tradition. Giorgione is an exquisite variety of 100% Italian soft wheat that sets apart this recipe of superior pastry craftsmanship. Ten years of experimental selection and meticulous tests in the field have shown its “strength” from the point of view of cultivation for the farmer and excellent quality for the consumer. Find more at


PIADINA LORIANA – With legumes flour Loriana Legumi is the new piadina of the Loriana range made with chickpea and lentils flour to offer you the pleasure of a soft and tasty piadina, source of fiber and protein. Chickpeas and lentils, from which roasting and grinding the flour at the base of this recipe is obtained, are legumes naturally rich in fibers and noble proteins, B vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium and phosphorus, all with a low contribution of fat. Find more at


Biscotti Casarecci Saltari Saltari Casarecci are the classic homemade traditional biscuits, simple, tasty and authentic, they are baked in the italian region of Emilia, using the ingredients of this special and generous land. A unique short supply chain project involving all the main ingredients of the biscuit supplied by exceptional partners of the area: 26 farms in the province of Ferrara and surroundings cultivate and harvest the wheat that the historic mill Pivetti from Renazzo (FE) uses in milling to obtain 100% Emilian flour. The sugar is supplied from the beets grown in Emilia by Italia Zuccheri and the eggs come from the Eurovo hens raised on the ground of Emilia. All the ingredients of the recipe are carefully combined in the historic Saltari biscuit factory in the city of Bondeno in the heart of Emilia to obtain these unique and delicious biscuits expression of a real italian tradition. Find more at


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