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Delverde. The natural choice. Set in the spectacular environmental oasis of the Majella National Park, Delverde has meant natural and quality products since 1970, when the company started up its business drawing from the ancient local pasta-making traditions of the Abruzzo region. This philosophy is fully reflected in the choice of the company name, inspired by the Verde river flowing beside the factory. The pure rock filters the spring waters that are mixed with accurately selected and perfectly refined durum wheat semolina at an ideal temperature.
Tradition plus innovation: a winning formula. The pasta is modeled into 130 different shapes using bronze trafile, which are essential for creating really unique pasta, taking advantage of modern technology. The trafile not only confer the pasta an unmistakable naturally light color, but also increase its strength enabling it to combine with the sauces in the best possible way. The low-temperature drying process completes the job, thereby preserving the nutritional values, the aroma and that unmistakable flavor which can only belong to fully natural wheat. This encompasses the secret of Delverde, a superior pasta which pays homage to taste and the purest Mediterranean Diet. This pasta is a paradise for connoisseurs, palatable, delicate but with a strong heart when cooked to the ideal cooking time, and keeps a very high nutritional value.
The DELVERDE dry pasta line has now expanded to all traditional and non-traditional market segments, introducing organic pasta besides the classical semolina, wholemeal and egg-pastas and many other specialties with a variety of attractive shapes which are innovative too.
The DELVERDE product range also includes a line for fresh pasta, which is prepared with durum wheat semolina. The Company always pays great attention to clients’ and consumers’ requirements, and has therefore intended to embrace a new trend in taste both in Italy and abroad, yet keeping faithful to the ancient flavours of home-made pasta tradition. Other products enrich the DELVERDE range along with pasta, such as olive oil, preserves and ready-made sauces.


DELVERDE is first and foremost pasta, one of the best pastas in the world, sought out and highly regarded by food lovers the world over. But that's not all, because there are many more products in DELVERDE's line of foodstuffs:
Extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes and sauces, vegetable preserves, rice, "gnocchi" (potato dumplings), flour and semolinas, balsamic vinegar, and the completely new line of organic foods, that also includes organic extra virgin olive oil.

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